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circle. Carefully cut out the ceiling material along the circle. 3. Cut material. SI 3CT LP. Ceiling Speaker a. Remove the top terminal cover (see the illlustration in . The Extron SoundField® XD model SF 3CT LP is a 3” full-range ceiling speaker featuring a 4″ ( mm) deep composite back can for use in plenum rated. Find great deals for Extron SI 3CT LP Main / Stereo Speakers. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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To print the manual completely, please, download it. Cs t plus speedmount ceiling speaker system 39 pages. The SI 26X is ideally suited for overhead distributed audio applications for music and voice.

The SI 26CT features a behind-the-grille power selector switch for direct ohm operation as well as,and 7.

The FAP 40T appeals to both system designers and architects and is ideal for high-intelligibility voice, music, and signal reproduction in commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. Speco Technologies’ Scott Pisani understands that “value” means more than just saving money.

Extron SI 3CT LP Main / Stereo Speakers

Community is using the InfoComm stage to launch its new Forecaster software tool for calculating the number of speakers required for applications. The pivoting titanium dome tweeters focus the high frequencies to your customized listening area.

For the folks at Speco, the extdon proposition of their ceiling speakers, including the high-end SP-6CLC, is the winning recipe of style, stealth, performance, and competitive pricing. Cring and tile rails included, side cable entry. The SI 26CT is 3dt home in high-powered, high-ceiling distributed audio applications requiring UL listed plenum-rated ceiling speakers.


The side terminal cover, as illustrated in step 3f, must first.

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Too many bare walls and hard surfaces will bounce sound around like a pingpong ball. Enjoy the premium performance of full-range sound in your listening environment for countless years to come. Secure the top terminal cover. CLOUD12 is available in 3vt and 90×90 dispersion models. True high-fidelity, 2-way design speakers feature a 1-inch titanium HF dome tweeter for exceptional sound quality.

Got it, continue to print. Plug the wired connector from step 3d into the speaker’s. Carefully cut out the ceiling material along the circle. The addition of the curved molding makes the Ceila quite an extra-ordinary product: The xetron works hard to create speakers that sound great for music as well as speech, documentaries or a high-voltage lo show, handling peaks in the intelligibility range while offering neutrality.

So for a music class or a music history class, the sound is natural. Another aspect of the ceiling speaker value proposition for Extron is potential profitability.

Designed for back ground and general-purpose audio play back, the new AD-C42T 3cg compact and acousticall matched to the entire AD Series. Don’t have an account? Wide dispersion and an aimable, pivoting dome tweeter make it a good choice for low ceiling applications. For him, the value proposition as a name brand goes beyond one category and helps contractors save money on freight costs, shipping propositions, and other the areas affecting the bottom line costs.


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How can you install multiple speakers in a hotel lobby or classroom and still make them look discreet? Insert the conduit s into the knockout opening s and punch out along the larger perforated circle. Enter text from picture: Grand hotel ballrooms with thick drapes or heavy carpet will help facilitate absorption.

The SI 3CT LP is UL listed for use in plenum ceilings and features a behind-the-grille power selector switch for direct 8-ohm operation as well as8- 4- 2- and 1-watt settings for volt operation. But what we all agree on is that while video tells us what to believe seeing is believingaudio tells us how to feel. Typical CLOUD6 applications include high end full range music playback and paging systems for nightclubs, retail environments, restaurants, and HOWs requiring superior performance and quality.

The compact enclosures and wide dispersion pattern make the FAP 62T a perfect choice for low ceilings especially where high fidelity sound reproduction in an attractive and easy-to-install system is required. The three-dimensional quality of ceiling speakers catapults the audience right into the middle of the action. Two way soundfield xd ceiling speakers with 8 inch plastic back can 30 pages. In a listening room, carpet and furnishings must be carefully considered; in a shared or multi-purpose space, those factors could be lethal to audio.