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Special tools must be available, as described in the manual, together with good- .. Diesel engine models 15W / 18W / 32W are water-cooled, single-cylinder. Manuals for Farymann Diesel Engines. Owner and Workshop Manuals are important documents that should be part of every vessel’s library. They contain the. Farymann Diesel Engines Manual Pdf diesel engine series 15w / 18w – farymann diesel engines gmbh – table of contents

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Use another driver as counter pressure piece for the bearing. Version With Oil Drain Valve As the rachet plate is used as a buffer for the engine shut down, the correct position between plate an lever is important.


Pull of the guide in a twisting motion. Place rod of the fuel injection pump to max position.

Table of Contents Add to my manula Add. As well as the clearly defined digit code number, this refers to the order number SN and the date of construction. When sliding in the pump, the pin of the rod must grip into the yoke of the control lever.


Dry Type Air Cleaner standard Engine Speed setting To increase speed tighten the cross slotted farymamn on the governor shaft. Piston Rotate the flywheel until the piston is in TDC — position.

The engine must only be used as intended. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

15 W / 18 W

Gear end cover Remove the 6 allen screws and pull off the gear end cover. Flywheel Remove the oil pump and valve bracket by un- screwing the 3 mounting screws. Insert the governor pin into the bore in the gov- ernor. Adjusting Valve Clearance Pull off the inj.


Attaching Stub Shaft option They are built as single cylinder engines vertical cylinder configuration. A cone limits the travel of the fuel rack.

The direct injection guarantees an outstanding level of efficiency, with low fuel consumption and excellent cold starting behaviour. When handling fuels, lubricants and other chemical substances, follow the safety regulations which apply to the product. The clearance in the screw holes allows a sufficient backslash between crankshaft gear and pump gear.


Replacing Fuel Filter with Thread Ordering Spare Parts Oil pressure check The oil pressure depends mostly on the wearing conditions of the bearings.

This value plus the thickness of the installed adjust- ment shims should be between 57,5 mm 2. Make sure that the bearing sears fully against the seat flange. Engine Without Electric Starter Preparing For Start Place suitable container under the drain hole.

Proof Of Purchase Before you start the engine in an enclosed environment, make sure that there is sufficient ventilation. Use a 0,2 mm feeler gauge to control and reset the valve clearance of both valves. Personal Protective Equipment Startup After Eliminating Fault