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Ingrid Persaud on why Felipe Alfau’s Locos is the best book of Part of Granta’s best book of a year series. Locos: A Comedy of Gestures (American Literature (Dalkey Archive)) [Felipe Alfau, Mary McCarthy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Locos: A Comedy of Gestures. Felipe Alfau, Author, Mary McCarthy, Designed by Dalkey Archive Press $ (p) ISBN

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A thumbs and fingers up experience.

Where as Alfau acknowledges the characters are abstract, but he made them seem real! Chromosa comic story of Spanish immigrants to the United States contending with their two cultures, went on to be nominated for the National Book Award in He locoe seem unnecessary.

A tale of two experimental novels.

Locos : A Comedy of Gestures

I found the prose in 62 to be opaque and unwelcoming. I then pasted together the whole book, as in a collage. Did the world felipd you? But you did it anonymously. The “characters in revolt against their young ‘author'” line in the description had me somewhat concerned; I could see it getting a little too whimsically “meta,” like one of those Daffy Duck cartoons where he complains about how the animator is drawing him, lofos the animator retaliates by drawing Daffy more and more ridiculously.

Felipe Alfau | As It Ought to Be

They have already lost a lot with my books. It takes more than a little something to write about your characters disobeying yourself, the author. Definitely recommended for Calvino fans.


Unfortunately, I never succeeded. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Language is only a vehicle through which we verbalize thoughts. It is a general misconception that if you write in English, and especially if you are from the States, you have more chances to public and universal recognition. That was Pepe Bejarano fondling the leg of Lunarito. In the years after he finished LocosAlfau wrote poetry which he did not attempt to publishand completed a second novel inwhich was rejected by several publishers.

Books by Felipe Alfau. Alfau produced the manuscript of Chromoswhich had sat in a drawer for 40 years. I had many Jewish friends: These days the line would probably go around the block.

Cortazar had Argentinean parents but was born in Europe then moved back to Buenos Aires when he was very young and later, back to Europe. The novel has more in common with the ancient storytelling tradition, narrated in a fable-like voice, but Alfau is conscious of the limitations of this form and deploys footnotes and authorial corrections to challenge the stiffness of the Great Canonical Novels.

A Model Kit in Spanish in ; the edition I read was translated in This book is very clever, an example of what wiki calls metafiction.


If my work has some value. The book then stayed out of print [3] until editor Steven Moore introduced it to Dalkey Archive Press[1] which reprinted it in [3] with an afterword by Locls.

I am planning on reading Chromos next which I have heard fits together with this one so maybe the final stories will make more sense then. Breezy tune-up read for Chromos, which I understand is his masterwork. Once I made it over that midpoint hump the aofau opened itself up to me and I started to feel how everything was connected and grok onto Alfau’s wavelength.

You come from a family of journalists, translators, and fiction writers. You wrote poems included in Sentimental Songs in Spanish, but everything else you wrote in English.

Did a review of this book here: I guess I am a frontier man that belongs to a world that is no more. That interest led me qlfau the study loos music.

Locos: A Comedy of Gestures

Although he was Spanish ffelipe set the book in Spain, he wrote in English. She keeps repeating, ” No, everybody here is a little crazy. Experimental and funny and sweet and tragic.