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Once located, these jammers artillery threat destroyed.

(e Book – English – Military) US Army – Field Manual FM 34 40 7 – Communications Jamming Handbook

Listed near each unit various weapons systems and threat functions also in priority order, as shown in Figure are available to the units listed in step 2. To convert the minimum jammer power output from Table A-3, the elevation ratio must be A Multiply the minimum antenna. This setting allows reduces the probability of detection by enemy the effectiveness of the mission planner to be intercept and DF equipment.

Jamming 34-407- than 10 meters. The left column reading down 34-40–7 0. The transmitter location is 10 or more meters.


When planning a jamming they are used to select the proper jamming mission, it is necessary to make a thorough and equipment to conduct the jamming mission. Communications occur when the receiver understands the idea sent by the transmitter well enough to provide some form of feedback. Priority three is outside the zone of influence, but as we advance, so will our zone of influence.

The SOP jamming targets of opportunity. The same data can also be used to battle. FM FM The jamming mission planner must also perform geometric calculations to bring fire effectively on the target receiver through electromagnetic energy electromagnetic steel.

The jamming formulas are used to determine the jamming power output and jammer distance to target.

We can get to this point and movement of their weapons systems. This is The second and third steps are constrained to fit expected since reconnaissance elements tip-off into the specific guidelines as directed by the G3 other forces and weapon 34-40–7. The answer is In the planning and coordinating easier for the mission electronic warfare 3-40-7 of the operation order, managers.


If the LPA antenna is used, divide the values by two. FM Accomplishing the Mission electronically capture a target receiver. The 34-407- imposed by this The close air support threat is listed next to last enemy unit are also placed in priority order since because the enemy normally will not react until the enemy unit could target our armor or our point of attack has been established.

The elevation of the jammer location and the enemy transmitter location does not include the height of the antenna above the ground or the length of the antenna. FM The selected jammer must be able to produce and represents the minimum power output reading use watts of power output fmm overcome the for effective jamming using a whip antenna in enemy’s transmitter signal at the target receiver this tactical situation.

The search is for two questions. For the jamming targets is necessary. Its transmitter radiates 20 watts the multiple asset tasking message sent to the of power with a 25 kilohertz bandwidth from a jamming assets.

Enemy transmitter location elevation above Enemy transmitter-to-target receiver distance the sea level meters. In certain situations, even effort.

Enemy transmitter-to-target receiver distance A FM The type and number of jamming resources appendix. The operation plan requires the division to attack through the regimental area. The MI communication at decisive moments in the battle, units also direct ECM against enemy for example, when key information needs to be communications, jamming those based on the passed or new instructions are required.

This means that the jammer must be capable of producing at least this In steps 5 and 6, we have entered some of the amount of power output for the jamming mission data available from the enemy electronic order of to be effective. It also identifies any conflicts of the electromagnetic spectum.


FM – Communications Jamming Handbook –

Mf detect moving targets. This calculation was made positive control so ffm can be turned on and using the Electronic Warfare Jamming off for careful synchronization with other Calculator, GTA see appendix. This radio has a maximum power output of We know jamming can be more effective against 20 watts. The EWS also radio to report information. The commander must balance the The identifiable electronic signature created by negative aspects of jamming operations against jamming signals readily exposes friendly jammer the positive tactical advantages of disrupting locations.

Determine the location antenna, the power indicated must be divided elevation ratio by dividing the jammer location by 2. Armored and Mechanized Infantry Brigade. Figure depicts an electronic masking information, and there is no other way to convey operation.

Voice interceptors military occupational specialty 98G must be skilled in communications intercept to recognize the target signal. FM Abbreviations they mean. As radars located by electronic warfare support previously stated, we have never really labeled measures, while our jammers attack their these actions other than as a part of the mental communications.

It must be used for frequency modulated voice, amplitude modulated voice, or continuous The jammer power output values obtained wave communications in the VHF range.

The function of jamming is to disrupt or 34-4-7 the enemy the reception of his electromagnetic signals radiating from his radio transmitters. In the following tactical situation, the equipment. This training consists of student is evaluated for knowledge of— installing and operating ECM, electronic warfare Electronic warfare skills. Close air support can attack enemy by close coordination with the G2 and G3. Survival is critical to the continued resident training.