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The FOCCUS is **not **a test, it’s an instrument. The instrument does not have right or wrong answers. Being honest is essential in whether or. We’re taking the Foccuss prep test this Saturday and I’m really nervous! Should I be?! Help!. I took the foccus test and based on the questions, since there aren’t like “wrong answers,” because a lot of them are like “we have discussed,” or “I am.

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A D U 29 My future spouse and I can talk candidly about our sexual intimacy in marriage.

DH is also Catholic and his family is much more into it that I am to the point it foccsu me nuts. We also figured that a lot of the experience probably depends on who the couple is that facilitates the assessment; our couple was nice and we never felt that they forced anything on us or overstepped boundaries.

Miss Lilac 8 years ago Wedding: I would be surprised if all or whatever questions of you and FI’s matched up, but the next steps are you sit down with our priest in our case, I dunno if that’s everywhere but you discuss the questions.

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We FAILED Foccus.

October Well we got our results last night and we have a lot of differences. I thought these were good questions, maybe even better than the questions themselves were. What does scoring cost?


My future spouse and I can talk about our sexual fears, hopes and preferences. We did pretty well across the board…I believe that we only had questions on the entire test that we ended up discussing because they were flagged and actually on 3 of them, I had misread the question because there were double negatives…tricky!

Is there an Inventory for Married Couples? Source for all of the above Truth? I am Catholic, I have issues with the Catholic religion.

FOCCUS! | trokspot

Were your answers completely different or did you just have different ways of answering, like one of you was more likely to put undecided than agree or disagree? We both agreed that it was a pretty good experience. I have already told FH that if they ask me something that I feel is none of their business I am going to tell them. It was just a conversation starter for me and FI!

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here He never said anything, so one can only assume all was reasonably well…. A D U 44 We have decided how we will share specific responsibilities in managing our finances.

I too had one, as we did not even get our results interpreted for us…the priest looked at them and said that he would tell us if any areas were lacking. This is meant to be a compatibility assessment tool that helps couples uncover potential topics or issues that they may not have encountered.

There are some items that are seen as red flags threats of violence, for example. There are certain behaviors or habits in my future spouse that sometimes annoy me.


Nothing extremely religious though. Questions about are you on the same page about kids, arguements, etc.


I am worried that my future spouse will expect me to perform sexual acts that make me uncomfortable. If they are going to interpret your results foccs should absolutely have the questions on hand so that you can go through item by item—particularly if you answered a lot of questions with “uncertain. Bibliophile is right – read carefully.

Maybe see if you can take it online? We have discussed the ways our families solved problems and how this may affect our problem solving.

Frequently Asked Questions

This includes attitudes and expectations about money, sex, communication, household roles, etc. Rather, it is a tool used to help couples identify, discuss and work through important relationship issues before they get married. A self-scoring process compares the couple’s answers to each other and to the inventory’s preferred responses. KristenGotMarried 8 years ago Wedding: They were sections on interfaith marriage, second marriage then cohabiting couples.

I would ask for more help from your church. You also only know what you hear: