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Careers and jobs available at Footaction, updated for Application, salary information, what Footaction pays per hour, hiring and age requirements, and. Download the Footaction job application on this page. If you don’t have any of those types of accounts then click the “Use the online form” link/button. Footaction is a retailer leading in athletic footwear. The company caters youngsters and is present all across the nation. It has more than three hundred retail.

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Footaction Job Application – Printable Employment PDF Forms

They understand what the company is looking for and have an eye for talents who would be a good fit. Available Positions at Footaction: To be able to make recommendations on how to improve customer experience and increase conversion rates, they are give access to site metrics. This should be a key point in your answer. Employees meet and greet customers in addition to performing sales and stock duties, depending on the position desired.

Describe to your hiring manager how each of these qualities exists in you at a high standard. You are enthusiastic about the brand and immediately noticeable in it, providing a unique customer service that encapsulates Footaction as a company.

Stores regularly receive high volumes of foot traffic and increased patronage during holiday shopping seasons due to locations operating inside of popular malls and other frequented and centralized commerce centers. The requirements may be turned in at the store or uploaded online. Store hours can be dependent upon location, store size or seasonality. Operating primarily out of shopping malls, the Footaction presents knowledgeable staff to assist its esteemed customers.

What puts you ahead of other candidates for this role? The Proofreading and Copywriting Supervisors review all customer-facing copies. Describe the job below! Assistant Manager or Supervisor — The Assistant Manager watches over the shifts in the absence of the main manager. Excellent interpersonal abilities and genuine passion for fitness and footwear in particular serve as general hiring requirements.


The management has been described as forthright in relaying to employees its standards, expectations and industry challenges.

I always made sure the client was purchasing something and never unsatisfied with their decisions. Store Managers are responsible for the operational, financial and customer service performance of one location.

These packages consist of employee discount, healthcare coverage, paid time off, in addition to, some other worthy job perks.

Qualified employees also receive job benefits packages, including k retirement plans, paid time off, healthcare coverage, and employee discounts. The interview can be reasonably short, usually an informal meeting conducted by your prospective manager.

Endorsed by Tyga, Gucci Mane, and Mac Applicationn, this specialty retailer has a strong following among young active males. Assistant Manager — You are a respected teacher and a passionate coach.

Sales Lead — The sales lead helps qpplication customers with purchases and size their feet. Footaction Control Auditors monitor garments as they arrive and get shipped. This is your introduction, so write to impress.

This company was among the biggest specialty retailers in the U. Assistant store managers and store managers hire new workers, set sales goals, order merchandise, design merchandise layouts, and market promotions. Store managers may need college degrees in related fields. Assistant Managers provide invaluable support for the Store Manager, and help guide the rest of the team. Shift lead associates often work part-time and earn slightly above minimum wage.

Training Operations Specialists also orient new employees on company policies, values and goals.

Footaction Application

Foot Locker Inc has its control over 2. Workers receiving employee referrals usually applixation less than a day going through the necessary procedures for employment. Reliable transportation and open availability also factor into hiring decisions. The Footaction job application online only accepts applicants who are 16 year of age or older.

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Would-be managers are expected to have more work experience upon application. Footaction is a retailer of the latest fashions in footwear and accessories. Buzzwords and slogans should be remembered too. At time of footactipn, sales associates should expect to earn fomr minimum wage, with opportunities for pay increases over time and with promotion. The specialty retailer was later acquired by Melville Corporation in and by Foot Locker in The Footaction hiring process regularly takes place on the recommendation of employee referrals.

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The stores are frequently hiring so the process is pretty straightforward and laid back. This might differ depending on what job you are going for, though some fundamental things will remain the same: Footaction stores carry an array of popular sporting brands — not just for footwear, but gorm caps and shirts to accessories. It is widely accepted that the person who most wants a job will have done the most amount of research. Your Footaction job application can applicatio lead to a higher-level position because the company offers training programs and internal promotions.

Footaction parent company Foot Locker formed a national nonprofit in called Foot Locker Foundation, which benefits youths across the country.