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A professionally refurbished Covidien ValleyLab ForceTriad ESU energy platform that combines multiple units into one generator with unrivaled quality and. The ForceTriad energy platform is a full-featured electrosurgical system that provides electrosurgical cutting and coagulation, bipolar functionality, and vessel . Health Devices. Mar;40(3) Monopolar active accessories can be connected to Covidien ForceTriad electrosurgical generators incorrectly, disabling.

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Above, left and right: BC Group International Inc.

REM patient return electrode: Blunt Tip Laparoscopic 5. Optionally, the user may choose between footswitch start and auto start, or program a delay between auto start and RF activation. Other Items In This Category.

Bipolar Modes Three bipolar modes are available: Tissue Fusion Laparoscopic 5. In addition, the other two power units of the Triad – monopolar and bipolar electrocautery – are also improved. Forcetriqd Modes The system produces five modes of monopolar power output.

The indicator remains illuminated red and yellow until you correct the condition causing the alarm. Some surgeons will ligate the main splenic artery and others prefer to only use the LigaSure sealing device. Password Forgot your password? Any Stable, flat surface such as a table or cart top.

TissueFect sensing technology to precisely manage energy delivery. Two msec tones separated by msec for each Seal Complete event. Specialized endoscopic tools such as the roticulator are useful for special techniques, such as applying sealing to tissue at a nearly 90 degree angle. Normal polarity, ground open: Autobipolar The ForceTriad energy platform is equipped with an autobipolar feature that allows for automatic activation of covidiwn energy.


ForceTriad™ Energy Platform

Other products by Valleylab Other products in Electrosurgical Units. Dimensions and Weight Height: Application of sealing is facilitated by using a 30 degree laparoscope.

As such, you are well ahead of the learning curve when it comes to knowing what to do as the need arises with your Force Triad generators. Natural convection and fan.

Covidien/Valleylab Force Triad Generator

Low delivers precision and fine control over the amount of desiccation. If the measured resistance is outside the acceptable range s noted above, a REM fault condition occurs. Other useful references web links: Questions about our Electrosurgical Units?

Today, with the ongoing widespread adoption of the BC Biomedical ESU as a replacement forcstriad for the A, customers such as yourself can finally use the exact same test equipment platform that is being used by the manufacturer in the troubleshooting, service and calibration of their electrosurgery generators.

ForceTriad Energy Platform / Components by by Covidien

Reverse forcetrlad, ground open: Dolphin Tip Laparoscopic 5. For the LigaSure, feedback is performed by its internal computer at times per second, and for the Force Triad at 3, times per second. The auto bipolar feature senses tissue impedance between the two bipolar electrodes then uses the impedance information to automatically start or stop bipolar RF energy delivery. Pure cut provides a clean, precise cut in any tissue with little or no hemostasis.


This popular advanced energy platform from Medtronic is available professionally refurbished through DRE. Cut Modes Pure forcertiad provides a clean, precise cut in any tissue with little or no hemostasis.

Covidien ValleyLab ForceTriad Electrosurgical Generator

Alarm Tone Volume adjustable: The one-third that is the LigaSure is improved over the original by more frequent decisions of adjusting current according to impedance 3, per second versus per second ; continuous energy versus pulsed energy; and real-time measure of impedance versus the initial impedance measurement. Here’s what you need to order: Be sure to send a copy of your dated school attendance certificate along with your PO to validate your attendance, and this offer.

A wide variety of endoscopic and non-endoscopic instruments are available to deliver this covidisn. Once the tips are compressed, the LigaSure is initiated by pushing continually on the covidienn trigger.

Regardless, the total laparotomy time can be less 30 minutes.

Source current, patient leads, all outputs Normal polarity, intact ground: Standard is a conventional bipolar output at low voltage.

If you recently attended a Force Triad generator service school, then you most likely have already used our ESU Analyzer.

Power remains constant over a wide range of tissue types.