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Blood, Guts & Glory and take a look at the new Tank Aces campaign rules. Blood, Guts & Glory Expand your FoW German & US Forces and. Blood, Guts & Glory Tank Aces Officers Campaign Map [FOW FWA] – Tank Aces is an escalation campaign that focuses on the tank forces that fought in the . Blood, Guts & Glory [FOW FW] – Blood, Guts, & Glory: Tanks Battles in The Lorraine, September – January It’s September and the Allies have.

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For years, American tank players have had it rough. Show only see all Show only. Patton, starved of resources, begs, borrows and steals fuel to keep his attack pressing on.

Miniatures, War Games Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again. Search anything and hit gutw. We have inexperienced German troops with a surplus of the most modern tanks and equipment trying to overwhelm bloood of hardened American veterans. Whoever will send the Army List within the given date will be awarded an additional tournament point.


Zvezda M3 Lee Warheads Episode The M4 was prized for its mobility, mechanical reliability, and the sheer numbers the Americans could throw at the enemy. Age Level see all Age Level. Patton provides a bewildering list of army-wide buffs while Abrams boosts your armoured assets.


The points totals are small, starting at points and increasing to a maximum of points. Only their crippling supply difficulties slows the Allies.

Featuring the theme of Blood, Guts and Glory. For the later stages of the operation, we have slightly more ragged Tank and Infantry companies. All armies must be fully painted.

Skip to main content. The campaign structure is based on the fighting around Arracourt and consists of three to four campaign turns. Because Jumbos look very similar to a regular M4 but has heavier armor, American tankers started using Jumbos as the lead tank in the advances, deliberately encouraging the Germans to shoot at it rather than the lighter standard M4s.

Blood Guts and Glory. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The customisation options within a single tank platoon are generous and you can tailor it to be a jack of all gut, sniping unit or a heavy assault force. So…will the new M4 variants shift the balance of power when it comes to armored warfare? For more recent exchange rates, please use the Universal Currency Converter.

These are the classic punch hard and leg it units. There are two groups of lists in the book. Following the Allied breakout from Normandy, the German position in France has completely collapsed. We asked them to write up their favorite list as if they were preparing to take it to a tournament, and we present their tuts here.

Packing a late model 76mm gun and a host of special rules, the Easy Eight brings lethality back to American tank lists. We felt it would be a good idea to catch up with author Rob Broom.



Germany produced less than 7, Panther and Tiger tanks combined, while the United States built more than 45, M4s throughout the war. This special rules allows American tank players to allocate hits on an Jumbo tank as if it had the lowest armor rating, assigning it a hit before lesser armored tanks. Items in search results. Every participant can compete for all of the three categories.

Cheap Panthers, soldiers bristling with panzerfausts each stand gets one as standard and excellent AA platforms. Tank Aces About a third of the book is devoted to the Tank Aces campaign, which pits small platoons of armour against each other in vicious firefights.

WI, April Availability: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Little stands between the lead American echelons and Germany. All Listings filter applied.

FoW: Rise of the Sherman – Bell of Lost Souls

Only time will tell. Because of this and the fact that FoW is designed as an evenly balanced point-based game system, and you get American tank companies that are difficult to win with against evenly pointed German or Russian tank armies.

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