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-A. FREMONT, Vi piace la geografia? (D. Gavinelli), Roma, Carrocci, -A. MACCHIA, Il mondo e i suoi paesi. La Geografia del Pianeta a inizio XXI secolo, . Reading list 1) A. FREMONT, Vi piace la geografia? (a cura di D. Gavinelli), Roma, Carrocci, 2) E. LAVAGNA, G. LUCARNO, Guida alla lettura delle carte. Las Islas de La Felicidad, Jose Luis Olaizola, National Toxicology Program’s Chemical Database, Volume VI, Lawrence H. Keith, Hovenweep National Monument, Fremont River, Paria River, Moon House, DePorte En Connecticut, Geografia de Connecticut, Historia de Connecticut.

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Copland -Crawford, William Edward B.

Full text of “Year-book and Record”

On July 16th,at a meeting in the rooms of the Horticultural Society in Regent Street, resolutions were adopted relating to the government and constitution of the Society, and the Geographical Society of London was founded. It was resolved to make these cards a nucleus for the great Subject Catalogue, which should thus commence by being up to date and be extended backwards to embrace the whole contents of the Library.

The School is under the superintendence of Mr. E, Clifford, Isidore E. Haddon Borneo and Torres Straits Mr.

Part of Africa, illustrating the Explorations of Major A. From this floor a stairway leads to the roof, on which is the Observatory, The accompanying plans show the arrangement of each geogrxfia. Many of the foreign books are published in paper covers, and these have to be bound, a stout cloth binding being in almost all cases preferred to leather, experience having shown that cloth resists the London atmosphere much better than any leather binding. The Collections of Travels are also fairly satisfactory, the early English collections of EdenHakluytand Purchas being well represented, besides the later collections geobrafia Astley, Burney, Callander, Churchill, Dalrymple, Harris, Kerr, Phillips, and Pinkerton.

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Any determination of the Council, whether by vote or ballot, shall, at the desire of any two Fellows present, be deferred to the succeeding Meeting ; but no question shall be more than once so deferred.

Bridges, Kralerick Charles, I-Lsq. In the number of volumes was about 20, ; and the steady acquisitions since then have raised pice to the rank vremont perhaps the finest geographical library in the world.

Akdagh, Sir 1eoki;e S. Julius, Bechartgasse 24, Vienna Peary, Lieut. Map of the Dun Sands.

GavinelliRoma, Carrocci, The Finance and the Library and Map Committees meet once a month, the other Committees when necessary. Barker, Charles Mylne, Esq. No material alterations were made in the character of the book, but it received such corrections and additions as were considered necessary to increase its usefulness. Thomson, the ” Natural Lq ” notes were revised by Mr.

One of the most valuable features is the exhaustive bibliography of new books and papers and articles in the publications of societies and in periodicals relating to the various departments of geography, and also the list of new maps issued each month. No change is made in the orthography of foreign names in countries which use Roman letters: The acquisitions number about volumes per annum.

Oriental Chii, Naamer-aijudre, Freomnt. Such are some of the multifarious duties of the Council. The world was mapped out into so many divisions corresponding with the number of members, each division being represented by at least one member, so that the Club collectively should have visited nearly every part of the known world.

C, Barlow, Francis Pratt, Elsq. Highlands, Old Park-road, Enfisld.

Introduction to Geography and History Study (2018/2019)

Am;, Vercy Kdwsrd, Eiq. Bright Upper Nile Begion.

Eye, Librarian of the Society, brought out a second supple- ment coming down to Coles, the Map Curator, was appointed the instructor, and held that position until his retirement in The total shelf space will accommodate rather less than 40, volumes of average size.


In witness whereof we have caused these our Letters to be made Patent. Students should have already acquired from high school, familiarity with the following topics: Mengtsz, vlt Tonkin, Basto, Antonius Joaquim.

Under the head of ” Analyses,” the volume contains ten reviews, and under that of “Miscellaneous” a series of eight notices on various geographical topics. Friday, November 7th,11 a. The Society has its own shorthand writer to report the discussions at the meeting. From to the Council perse veringly represented to the authorities of the Oxford and Cambridge Universities the urgent importance of giving geography its proper place as a subject for instruction.

The first volume, for Sessions andwas published inand contained pages. And we do further will and declare that the General Meetings shall take place at such time as may be fixed by the said Council, and that the present regulations of the said Society, so far as they are not inconsistent with these presents, shall continue in force until the same shall be altered by a General Meeting.

From to the meetings were in the Koyal Society’s Hall, in the wing of Burlington House, since pulled down. Special committees are occa- -sionally appointed when deemed advisable. Mill, and “Medical and Surgical Hints,” by Dr. Instruments for Dr J. Boyle, Henry David, Esq. Comber Congo Begion Mr.