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Financial Statement Version configuration Steps. Step 1: – Enter transaction code “OB58” in the SAP command field and press enter. Transaction code OB SAP Financial Statement Version Configuration. To define a new SAP financial statement version, use the customizing path below in. Procedure. 1. Create a financial statement version (FSV) as described in SAP Note Configure the RFC connection in the SAP system. 3. Activate the.

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After maintaining all the details, click and save button, and then select your request number and ln the configured data. Have any questions or comments? For instance, there must always be groups for AssetsLiabilities and Equity and Not assigned at the highest level of your structure.

SAP Financial Statement Version Tutorial – Free SAP FI Training

Update Financial Statement Items When copying from an existing financial statement version, some groups may already exist. You can maintain financial statement versions as per organization requirements.

Go to transaction code F. Click on the group you want to add a subgroup to and click the Create Items button. Now, click the Financial Statement Items button as indicated below: SAP systems has come with configurqtion financial statement version for fdv countries.

When creating a new version from scratch, you will need to create fvs first. Updated Financial Statement Groups You can also add a subgroup under any group to further organize the structure.


Enter the Account number range in the change account dialog box. Accounting Business Analyst Cloud Computing. To create a new SAP financial statement version, you first need to create or identify a chart of accounts to use. Do you have a question and want it to be answered ASAP?

You can maintain the financial statement versions by using the following jn method. To do so, double click on the financial version that you have just created. You can also add multiple subgroups in this screen. SAP FI is a module used for reporting both externally and internally. On change financial statement overview screen, by default we get 7 hierarchical nodes. The objective is to record For example, below we have added Test Conffiguration Liabilities.

Successfully we have maintained hierarchical level to the assets. If we specify a COAhere, only accounts from this im of accounts can be configration when you are defining the financial statement. In the resulting screen, input logical numbering and a name for the subgroup that you would like to add. So you can use those standard version if your business requirements are limited or you can create new FSV as per business requirements.


Ethical Hacking Informatica Jenkins. Enter the following information: Press enter to continue. We can create subitems to the node by selecting the node and pressing the create items button New item will be created as subnode to the selected node. These groups represent the nodes of your financial statement structure. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will copy from an existing version.


The new financial statement version configuratin appear in the list and you will see configurqtion confirmation message: After maintain the sub items, the following configuration screen appears. Here you can create new versions by copying from existing standard version or creating new version with your own settings. These are called special items and they represent groups of accounts that must exist at the specified level. Identify Group The node is added to the list of groups as shown below: Highlight the version that you want to copy from and click the copy button as shown below:.

Select both debit and fdv indicators.

Expand the group, click on the subgroup, in our configurahion Test Current Liabilities and click Assign Accounts button as shown below: Enter this indicator which specifies whether keys of f.

Financial statement versions helps to group all the related accounts to get the Balance sheet and Income statement for the purpose of reporting. A list of existing financial statement versions is shown: Specifying Cojfiguration The account or range of accounts appears below the new subgroup: