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Fu Hok Seurng Ying Kuen – Tiger Crane Double Pattern Form Whereas Gung Ji Fook Fu Kuen is a basic training form, Fu Hok Seurng Ying Kuen develops fighting technique and stresses the cultivation of the Tiger and Ji Mo Seung Dao. The three main forms of Hung Gar are Gung Ji Fook Fu Kuen, Fu Hok Seung Ying, and Tit Sin Kuen. Even just one form, like gung ji, can give.

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Chan Hon Chung did the same, but only for his foreign students e. Sorry, I rarely go to dragonslist chat anymore. This is not a core Hung Gar set. Like the Eight Trigram Yign, this form also teaches moving in the eight different directions.

Tek- I don’t go to the dragonslist too much anymore. What forms does he teach?? Yu Ga Dai Pa.

Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen (Tiger Crane Fist) – video dailymotion

How different or similar is it to Canton Hung? Overdemon- The only books that i have are: And some branches don’t do sup ying at all. The guys at our club purchased some of these texts from the ChinWu group that this sifu blongs to. Charris, I’ll disagree with you on this one until I find better info.

As with the Kwan Do, this form is reserved for advanced practitioners du. Nobody is wrong in this case.

The Snake form trains the fingers, promotes Qi circulation, control and teaches strikes to the vital points of the body. Considering some of the crap seminars that people pay for it is nice to see someone trying to just write up something about their branch of the style. Practitioners of this weapon become unusually strong and seunng, as this weapon is heavy and difficult to maneuver.


Hell, the end is exactly that of Fu Hok!!

Ji Mo Seung Dao. It’s something that is not a secret and all MA’s utilize this. As for the creation of Sap Ying Kuen. Thx for the info IllusionFist and sorry guys I ask so many questions. Not trying to advertise for these guys so you can find them at the North Carolina f of the Chin Wu Athletic Association. Hello, please excuse me if this is not the thread to post this to and if so, kindly point me in the right directionbut has anyone heard of Hung Mun?

Also where yig Prarie Girl? Don’t forget Mok Kwai Lan kuan. This form is reserved for advanced practitioners only.

I don’t know much about the creation of this set. Fu Hok Seurng Ying Kuen. This form sung the entire body through fourteen ‘Hei Gung’ breath training and ‘Pai Da’ beating exercises.

I wanna know if you know some good books on Hung gar fung kuen The problem I have is: Here are a list of books written by Jamal Al Bakkar: The Tiger form instills fierceness of spirit, develops clawing techniques and strengthens the bones and tendons. Just so happens I’m back from visiting my si-gung Lum Jo and asked this very question. I wouldn’t mind talking to you in iuen. Unlike the fancy, dancelike fan forms of some other styles, the Ngaw Gwot Sin while still being graceful utilizes the hard and soft Hung style techniques to demonstrate the practical yet brutal fighting spirit of our system.


Maybe a likely story would be that Chiu Kao learned it from someone in the Tang Fung lineage? School’s started so i don’t have much time for chatting.

Li Chan Wo Sports Association

Sup Ying Kuen just adds five more lines of moves. It just so happens that i know the mizong lohan my jhong law horn version of jeet kuen and i think Jeet Kuen in itself is reserved for northern styles.

So what does your Sifu teaches you guys?? This form trains the body to open and close, float and sink. Je Lei Sifu http: This form lays the foundation for the use of all double weapons.

Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen (Tiger Crane Fist)

You will note that this sifu has made no attempt to promote his books that I can see. Dat Mo Yit Gung Ging. Does anybody know about the lineage of Jamal Al Bakkar? The powerful hand techniques come from the bridge work that is found throughout hung gar.