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General information. also found as, 藤沢秀行. Fujisawa Hideyuki Fujisawa Shu- ko- Fujisawa Shuko Shuko, Progression. chinese, Teng2-ze2 Xiu4-xing2 (tengze, . The following kifu and most of the comments included are from the Fujisawa Complete Works, volume 3. For advice on how to study professional games, read . Check go games played by professional player Fujisawa Shuko on Waltheri’s go pattern search database.

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The book has a beautiful cover and includes the images from Go World.

After that, my sleeping rhythm has become somewhat more regular. Fujisawa passed away on 8 May at 7: I realised that many of the shapes and ploys as Fujisawa likes to say in use today were pioneered by Fujisawa in the 80s. Mon Dec 31, 4: Select a forum Life In 19x Interesting ideas from Fujisawa Hideyuki, even if sometimes too bold for me.

Hideyuki Fujisawa

He won his first major title inthe Meijin. He thus set a record for the shukk player to defend a title, a record which holds to this day.


I received commentary for the game by An Younggil 8 dan professional right after the game; some bits of what I write here come from there. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Thank you for your review of this book.

Open Preview See a Problem? He again won the Oza and held it for two years at the age of The third apartment, which had three stories, housed some of the participants, but also worked as the teaching area.

Fujisawa won the first 3 games, controlling each and every move Cho made.

Bynobody thought anyone else but Fujisawa would win the Kisei, but that was silenced when he finally lost it to Cho Chikun in Will this book make you stronger?

With iOS 9 split-screen multitasking, I can run GoBooks and Kifu side by side if I want, allowing easy access to Kifu’s pro game database and its joseki and zhuko analysis features. Previous topic Next topic. Fujisawa Hideyuki got promoted to 8 dan just one month before this game. The best selling books are, unsurprisingly, ones for beginners. The game this time was sshuko good, with few apparent mistakes for both sides.


But in it was finally wrestled vujisawa by the top young player, Cho Chikun. Readers Write News Search Archives: Asahi Top Eight Players.

Hideyuki Fujisawa was born in YokohamaJapan. Yes, Japanese go salon — not Chinese. Since I still have the Go World shuo, why did I buy the ebook? Aug 06, Frank rated it liked it.

shuko: the only move volume 1 by Fujisawa Shuko

Retrieved from ” https: Fujisawa was the teacher of some of today’s leading professionals in Japan, including Shinji TakaoTomoyasu Mimuraand his own son Kazunari Fujisawa. Edit page Discuss page 1. It was a pleasure dhuko learn about his domination of the Kisei title, an achievement made even more remarkable by his lifestyle at the time.

Tue Oct 24, 5: In Junethe dispute was resolved and Shukl was reinstated to the Ki-in.

I got paired against the owner of the go salon, according to what I heard, a Chinese 6 dan.