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‘Galaktika has agreed to pay each author whose work it infringed for the publisher of Galaktika, a Hungarian science fiction magazine. Phone, Suggest a phone number Galaktika Poetike ATUNIS Magazine, Brussels, Belgium. 2 likes. Posts about Galaktika Poetike ATUNIS Magazine. Phone, Suggest a phone number Galaktika. likes. Galaktika was a science fiction magazine of Hungary, published between and The peak of copies was very high.

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This page was last edited on 16 Januaryat They informed us that one of gqlaktika foreign agencies with which they are in contact with are close to an agreement to settle the issue of the illegal reprinting of works from 16 different authors, including Poul Anderson, George R.

In the following months, more pieces from this collection appear in Galaktika, while placing the names of the popular writers like Scalzi, Ann Leckie, or Ian Tregillis on the cover. We contacted the authors in the YBSF anthology: Now we would pay you 30 USD.

Galaktika Poetike ATUNIS Magazine

The biggest issue with the th issue of Galaktika was unfortunately not the cover, but rather that the magazine had published a number of works without a permit. Some of the issues have also contained black-and-white versions of comic books such as Conan The Barbarian and The Adventures of Funky Koval. However the following authors were not as fortunate as these magaxine And four, because they are unfairly profiting off the work of others, and have been for years.

After reading our article, Anna Grace Carpenter checked volumes of Galaktika published beforeand contacted authors.

Galaktika Magazine on Behance

We attempted to contact each of the authors to see whether they sold the rights one by one, although this in itself would seem strange.

This is our last choice, the final call and we won’t have any other opportunity but joining and supporting Standing Rock movement in order to protect the natural resources of life for this planet. Michael writes across the speculative fiction world, from urban fantasy Geekomancyto fantasy superhero novel Shield and Crocus, and the SF series in novellas, Genrenauts.


Timothy Garton Ash The Guardian. Additionally, this isn’t a first publication, just a reprint in translation. Let magazinf quote that from the mail the author got from Galaktika: Ann Coulter Ann Coulter. Lee Battersby, author of In from the Snow was also unaware of the publication in this edition of the magazine.

After the complaints from the two authors, we researched the other articles in the March edition.

galaktik The walls are going up all over Europe. The changes of the electoral system became inevitable because the Constitutional Court declared different elements of the applicable laws unconstitutional twice, in and You can read more about the authors affected in here.

I was the one who had informed Popular Science of the Hungarian translations of this collection; they had given no consent whatsoever. Istvan Burger, editor-inchief of Galaktika responded to our article in the following way: Out of all those authors we contacted, it was those who appeared magazien the editions that were first contacted by the publisher.

More on copywright law at the end of the article.

Thoughts from Behind the Ironic Curtain. After a considerable amount of correspondance with different authors in Marchwe published an article dealing with the illegal practices of the fantasy and mmagazine magazine, Galaktika.

However, while I was preparing for the interview, my eye caught the following. Waldron has the following to say about the incident: An extra-ordinary example of the first practice can be found when the magazine reprinted a number of tiny stories written by popular authors and located on the website of Popular Science.

This is not a mistake, but a practice After the complaints from the two authors, we researched the other articles in the March edition. That was also the case with Magazien D. Chandrasekra also mentioned that it is not unusual that works are published without royalties payed, but that this is more common in fanzines, but even fanzines publish only after consent from the author. Underwood Michael writes across the speculative fiction world, from urban fantasy Geekomancyto fantasy superhero novel Matazine and Crocus, and the SF series in novellas, Genrenauts.


That is how balaktika two pirated short stories, Ken Liu allowed to reprint a third one.

Two stories in Galaktika

The publisher of the new magazine is Metropolis Media. The present surge of mass migration is predominantly a result of Western power politics. Retrieved from ” https: The interview done with Ridley Scott was pieced together from translation of this and this interview. We galaktikz not yet received a response from any of these sources.

Of course, this does not mean the magazine may not have aglaktika the rights to these short stories.

Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer. Two, because I could have helped the translator. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This however is only the tip of the iceberg. Fadz Johanabas was similarly astonished that his work — originally published in Australia — was translated.

Alongside these, there were publications from Hungarian authors; pieces reused from earlier Galaktika magazines; or works for which I could not find the original source because there is no online source or because the original language was not English. Quotas would spread terrorism across Europe The like of this has never happened before.

During our investigation we contacted multiple papers, publishers, literary agents, and authors. Retrieved 6 August