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La Galaxia Gutenberg. Front Cover. Marshall McLuhan. Círculo de La Galaxia Gutenberg: Génesis Del Homo Typographicus · Marshall McLuhan. No preview. La galaxia Gutenberg: génesis del “Homo typographicus”. Front Cover. Marshall McLuhan. Planeta-Agostini, – pages. Galaxia Gutenberg (Romanian Edition) [Marshall Mcluhan] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lectura obligatorie pentru toti care locuiesc in.

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To ask other readers questions about The Gutenberg Galaxyplease sign up. Being a difficult subject is a kind of excuse for the somewhat opaqueness of this work.

La galaxia Gutenberg

This essay was first published in the early 60’s and I found it an interesting and stimulating read mostly because I could draw a definite parallel between the discovery and introduction of Gutenberg’s technology to that of modern computers and the Internet in the Digital Era.

No lo recomiendo, pero me Review completo en: It gave us the concept of the global village; that phrase has now been translated, along with the rest of the book, into twelve languages, from Japanese to Serbo-Croat.

For the break between the time periods in each case the occurrence of a new medium is responsible, the hand-writing terminates the oral phase, the printing and the electricity revolutionizes afterwards culture and society.

For McLuhan, these trends all reverberate with print technology’s principle of “segmentation of actions and functions and principle of visual quantification. For someone with close ties to the discipline of literary criticism, he seems to have an especially hard time with it.

I’m enjoying this book a great deal so far. He’s a lot like an author he quotes a lot: Galaxia Gutenberg a lui Marshall McLuhan, un canadian umanist, filolog de formatie, care a studiat in profunzime comunicarea si rolul semnaticii si semiologiei in perspectiva rolului sau fundamental in relatiile comunicarii interpersonale este o lucrare revolutionara, un roman daca-l putem asimila acestui gen literar, in care autorul descrie anticipand mersul clar al lucrurilor ce v-a sa vina, cu o intelepciune si precizie formidabile.


Instead of tending towards a vast Alexandrian library the world has become a computeran electronic brain, exactly as an infantile piece of science fiction. Thus print carries the individuating power of the phonetic alphabet much further than manuscript culture could ever do.

The strangeness of the use of “electrifying” is entirely appropriate in the McLuhan context of Read this right after “Understanding Media”, and totally conflated the two in memory.

The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man

The chairman of the selection committee was McLuhan’s colleague at the University of Toronto and oftentime intellectual sparring partner, Northrop Frye. So, unless aware of this dynamic, we shall at once move into a phase of marshaall terrors, exactly befitting a small world of tribal drums, total interdependence, and superimposed co-existence.

I really like the way that McLuhan constructs his narrative by quoting other writers and commenting on the quoted material. This essay was first published in the early 60’s and I found it an interesting and stimulating Basically what McLuhan argues in his book is that the invention and diffusion of Gutenberg’s printing process marked the passage from a balanced kind of linguistic communication – where each sense was taken account of – to a tiranny of its visual component.

Oct 18, Hans-Peter Merz marked it as abandoned.

The Gutenberg Galaxy – Wikipedia

Some reviewers have made mention of the dreadful King Lear episode at the beginning, but he does that to some degree all the way through, especially with Shakespeare. Quoting with approval an gutneberg on the nature of the printed word from Prints and Visual Communication by William IvinsMcLuhan remarks:. He argues that, if we are not vigilant to the effects of media’s influence, the global village has the potential to become a place where totalitarianism and terror rule.

Nov 19, Robert Cross rated it really liked it.

I can see how this was revolutionary and I can also see why I didn’t encounter it until grad school. Ilyas Ozturk rated it really liked it Oct 30, I grew up with parents who quoted “the medium is the message” and used it as part of our answering machine message, but never read any McLuhan till this one. I’m sure your book is as genius as everyone says it is.


Because of the work’s provenance pres of the last century, it is easy to situate its cultural milieu to just before the psychedelic experiments of the youth generation of the time, where organization man with reference to the work of Peter Drucker was under protest in the counter-culture that followed, some aspects of which are still with us today, certainly in the West and in various forms manifesting in the tapping of a collective consciousness.

But the man drops some serious knowledge on you. Oct 20, Jennifer rated it liked it. Is it not obvious that there are always enough moral problems without also taking a moral stand on technological grounds?

It would be good for morality.

Medieval illumination, gloss, and sculpture alike were aspects of the art of memory, central to scribal culture. In many cases, he quoted several paragraphs at a time.

La Galaxia Gutenberg – Marshall McLuhan – Google Books

It is also part of the cure as can be voiced here, in phonetic print. Natalia rated it really liked it Dec 14, The chairman of the selection committee was McLuhan’s colleague at the University of Toronto and oftentime intellectual jcluhan partner, Northrop Frye. Should be read with Walter Ong’s Orality and Literacy: