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Warman Galigher horizontal slurry pumps are heavy duty with through bolt casing construction for reduced down time They are fitted with erosion and corrosion. Mobil DTE Oil Heavy Medium, Equipment operation: Standard builder operating conditions. Mobilgrease XHP , Equipment operation: Standard builder. Mobil DTE Oil Heavy Medium, Equipment operation: Standard builder operating conditions. Mobilgrease XHP™ , Equipment operation: Standard builder.

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Warman Galigher 5000 Centrifugal Slurry Pumps

This pump is capable of handling high temperatures and high speeds. For immediate sales inquiries, call A removable hardened steel or ceramic coated steel shaft sleeve protects against abrasive or corrosive contaminants Warman WBH Pump: Temperature sensors and a high specification mining cable come standard and ready to use.

It is designed to reduce wear and maintenance. It is for heavy duty slurry applications. This pump is used to create high heads at high pressures. This is a medium duty slurry handling pump. These cost efficient sump pumps have a double impeller entry and do not have any submerged bearings.

Warman Galigher Centrifugal Slurry Pumps

This pump has a semi-open impeller and comes with an agitator. It has an adjustable front liner, improved performance and service life, improved energy efficiency, easier maintenance, and excellent slurry handling Warman WGR Pump: It is constructed to be abrasion resistant and the radial load on the shaft and bearings is balanced by the dual casing Warman GPS Vertical Sump Pumps: This is galighwr severe duty pump designed for the most aggressive applications.


Both the horizontal and vertical slurry pumps were created for ultra heavy duty applications like mill discharge, pipelines, process plant and tailings, and other specialty applications. It was created for applications that require increased reliability and durability over conventional ;umps process pump. This pump is designed to reliably handle solids.

This pump is easy to maintain and cost efficient. It can pump any solids and they do not pass through the impeller. This pump is for medium duty applications. The SCH C pump is rubber lined for ease of maintenance and a longer product life. This pump is designed for high pumls applications.

Its main features include replaceable LINATEX premium rubber wear components, loose swivel flanges, a flexible discharge adapter, adjustable impellers, reduced internal turbulence, and a removable suction front door Warman XU Pump: Its durable elastomers are corrosion and erosion resistant.

This pump utilizes the finite element stress analysis and solids modeling to make the pump reliable and cost efficient. This pump is perfect gaigher difficult mill duties.

Warman Galigher Slurry Pump

Its main features include a temperature sensor, a moisture detector, mechanical seals, a heavy duty water end, easy access for maintenance, and an optional agitator.

Galighet has a highly efficient impeller and comes in multiple variations. Designed for use in applications that create heavy froth. It has a long wear life and is extremely cost efficient. This pump is designed for use in abrasive slurry and chemical applications.


Axial Galighre Pumps This is a heavy duty axial flow pump used in various crystallisation processes. This pump is fully lined making it ideal for severe multi-stage applications. It is ideal for processes in the chemical, pulp and paper, water treatment, power, and general industries.

Ash, Gallagher, and Warman Slurry Pumps.

Ash, Gallagher, and Warman Slurry Pumps

These pumps are an ultra heavy-duty range pupms vertical cantilevered slurry pumps. It is built with a double suction semi-open impeller and an agitator.

These pumps are used to dewater mines and quarries. This pump was designed for abrasive and corrosive medium duty services.

Warman, Ash, and Gallagher centrifugal slurry pumps are the most complete range of centrifugal slurry pumps for use in mining, industrial, and chemical applications. It is highly efficient and corrosion and erosion resistant Warman MC Pump: This is the most recently introduced pump that is liner free and made of all metal.

The design allows access to all parts making it easy to service. It includes a temperature sensor and a moisture detector and it is easy to maintain through access to all of the parts Warman SHW Pump: