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Bach made an impromptu visit to King Frederick the Great of Prussia, and was . Gödel, Escher, and Bach are deeply intertwined in this very short Dialogue. What are some of the most riveting concepts featured in Gödel, Escher, Bach? Why isn’t the Douglas Hofstadter book Gödel, Escher, Bach available as an. Douglas Hofstadter, the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Gödel, Escher, Bach, thinks we’ve lost sight of what artificial intelligence really means.

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That would have been a better braid. This process involves interplay and comparisons of our conceptual skeletons, seeing similarities and differences.

Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas R. Hofstadter

Cover of the first edition. The computer can easily have deductive reasoning, in which it can logically come to a conclusion based on known facts. This book was so metal. The short story is this: Hofstadter collects and studies cognitive errors largely, but not solely, speech errors”bon mots” spontaneous humorous quipsand analogies of all sorts, and his long-time observation of these diverse products of cognition, and his theories about the mechanisms that underlie them, have exerted a powerful influence on the architectures of the computational models developed by himself and FARG members.

We, the intelligent system, critiques ourselves, recognizes patterns, and jump out of the task it is assigned to do. They even have a fairly good understanding of how neurons operate in groups to take on specific tasks, like wiggling your pinkie finger.

Godel, Escher, Bach : An Eternal Golden Braid

The most complex example of recursion is in the genetic mechanism of DNA, in which the DNA molecules are formed from the smaller building blocks. Granted, this book may not be for douvlas. So why wasn’t this serious sentence scoffed at? Sometimes it seems as though each new step towards AI, rather than producing something which everyone agrees is real intelligence, merely reveals what real intelligence is not.


There is so much contained in these pages. The short answer is: From tothe National Book Award history gave separate awards to hardcover and paperback books in many categories, including several nonfiction subcategories. I have been recently reading a book which helps me to counter many of your points Dante. It usually is not obvious. We humans, however, would soon realize that this is a hopeless situation and stop.

Godel, Escher, Bach : Douglas R. Hofstadter :

I highly recommend this book to anyone, by the way. Even how information storage in the brain points out the sheer difficulty of emulating human intelligence. For example, in language, we start with smaller components such as words and phrases, and build up complex sentences from there.

Don’t get This is an absolutely phenomenal work. Once the outer message is fully understood, there is no need for the inner message, since the inner messages bacch be reconstructed once we have fully developed the outer message. I think that’s why so many people lose track of what the book is actually about – there really are a ton of fascinating ideas that are all given equal weight.

When you look at this, do you see a puzzling world that does not follow the physical laws? Neurologically, this is illustrated in the process of how symbols interact with each other. Our cells contain the genotype in our DNA which holds critical messages that triggers the manufacture of proteins, which triggers more reactions such as replication, until we have our physical manifestation or phenotype. And, one last time, it doesn’t matter. Most of us who are familiar with building structures expect some sort of an organization with stairs, gravity, and other physical laws.

Bach are totally interrelated, man. He loves it so much that he tries to infect you with his own personal sense of wonder and whimsy at how complex and beautiful art and life and science are. Retrieved 25 October What happened to bacu woman you thought you were falling in love with?


There are almost certainly parts you’ll have to reread several times, but it’s not dissimilar from any other hogstadter academic writing. Can someone please explain the difference between an axiom and a theorem according to Hofstadter? I can only invite the discerning reader to embark on this intellectual adventure — it is well-worth it. But don’t let that scare you off! It seems a symbol cannot be isolated from other symbols in the brain.

This allows a system to be interpreted in varying ways without losing important information. Much admiration for those who understand whatever the bloody hell it’s telling you. This is only partially true and it should be heavily qualified too: He wasn’t an academic any more, eschher was a proper publisher with a strong reputation for intellectually high end output. No matter how much we try, we cannot get out of our own system.

To be fair, it is a very ambitious book, and one that could have turned out very interes Pretentious crap. Hofstadter Douglas Hofstadter is professor of computer science and cognitive science at Indiana University.

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. But then out of the blue she gets heavy. Each chapter, he spent many pages questioning himself and the reader about connections between DNA, Godel’s Theorem, fuges, AI, and many other topics from a well-educated mind.