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Genesis Revisited by Zecharia Sitchin – • Was Adam the first test-tube baby? • Did nuclear fission destroy Sodom and Gomorrah? • How were the ancients able. Zecharia Sitchin (July 11, – October 9, ) was an author of books proposing an .. Genesis Revisited: Is Modern Science Catching Up With Ancient. Modern Technology or Knowledge of the Ancients? Space travel Genetic engineering Computer science Astounding achievements as new as.

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I enjoy the Ancient Astronaut theory, ho Genesis Revisited, like The 12th Planet, has an impressive array of scholarship on display.

Was this a reference to genwsis Big Bang, the theory according to which the universe was created from a primordial explosion, a burst of energy in the form of light, that sent the matter from which stars and planets and rocks and human beings are formed flying in all directions and creating the wonders we see in the heavens and on Earth?

Fleur Sutchin Books Published: In that walled city there was a structured government that ruled over teachers, scientists and astronomers. Jun 24, Antonio marked it as to-read.

The awesome answers are all here, in this important companion volume to The Earth Chronicles series. But I know more now, and was able to punch holes in a lot more in this book than I remember being able to punch holes in that one. WHether you buy into the opinions or not, its an interesting read. If his view happened to be true, it would answer a great many mysteries that traditional Christian A great philosopher revixited said an intelligent person regisited entertain an idea without accepting it.


Buy the selected items together This item: Jan 24, Omid Mankoo rated it it was amazing. Lovecraft and extraterrestrial pop culture. Covers have very light wear at edges. Order the bound books.

Genesis Revisited (Earth Chronicles): Zecharia Sitchin: : Books

The author is no dummy, for sure. Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God. Alford admits he initially became “infatuated” with Sitchin’s hypotheses but later became a critic of Sitchin’s interpretations of myth. Lonely Minds in the Universe: Sitchin has constructed what appears to be zechwria convincing argument, but rrvisited he gets close to single images on ancient tablets, he falls back into the literalism of “Here is an image of the gods in rockets.

Even though this book doesn’t talk about tha You’ll never look at Genesis, or the Bible the same way again. His trailblazing books have been translated into more than twenty languages; his first one, an oft-quoted classic, celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of its publication.

Genesis Revisited

According to Heiser, the so-called sun on Zecnaria VA is not the Sumerian symbol for the sun but is a star, and the dots are also stars. What makes Biblio different? Enjoyed and gained an understanding of the direct connection of Yenesis history to what is occurring now in our exploration of space.

This has been going on all around us for decades, and once you’re aware of it, you’ll never see things the same again. While working as an executive for a shipping company, he taught himself Sumerian cuneiform and visited several archaeological sites.

May 19, Erin rated it it was ok Shelves: Genesis Revisited by Zecharia Sitchin. If you’ve read or seen anything along the lines of The Fourth Kindespecially.

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Sitchin fully believes that if you read the Sumerian tablets in their full glory and context, they tell you about Planet X, how it comes into the solar system every however-many millennia and how its inhabitants made us by combining what was here with their own DNA. As he tells us, he is a reporter who can brings us too many unknown information from very ancient time. Sitchin wrote that these ancient civilizations knew of a twelfth genssis, when in fact they only knew five.

Get to Know Us. But be cool about it, man. venesis

You’ll never look at Genesis, or the Bible the same way again. No trivia or quizzes yet. InKazem Finjan, the Iraqi Minister of Transport, claimed at a press conference that Sumerians had built and used an airport in the Dhi Qar Governorate to launch genezis from years ago.

I read this book years ago for my junior year, and it was way too complex for zechaaria then but I managed to muddle my way through it. Armageddon and Prophecies of the Return Earth Chronicles. The Book Garden Published: Earth Chronicles Mass Market Paperback: Elementary perturbation theory indicates that, under the most favorable circumstances of avoiding close encounters sitfhin other planets, no body with such an eccentric orbit would keep the same period for two consecutive passages.

Late coming companion to earlier works. This book tries to revisit the book of Genesis and the rest of the bible by considering new scientific discoveries.