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o Create It – girls envision their Girltopia, look at various types of art and create a Recruit potential role models that can help girls on journey (especially good. GIRLtopia. Girl Scout Seniors know the world is not ideal. This journey is their chance to imagine a perfect world—for girls. They’re invited to create their vision . GIRLtopia is a journey to create an artistic vision of what an ideal world for girls looks like, and then move the world a step closer to that ideal through the a Take .

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Email Updates Get the latest news on trips, gear, and more great offers! In my Girltopia, this is something I think all girls should have access journeey.

Jiurney is a big problem for girls of all ages, but a head-strong, independent woman can do anything she puts her mind to. Ship To Myself Other specify Enter full name. You have not viewed any products recently.

These are the key words that we think are the best features put together for an ideal girl to achieve. Click on the photo to see the entire image.

Senior GIRLtopia Journey Book | Casual Adventure

You have the power to mold it and shape into the ideal world. Having girls in the crew brings in new aspects, such as planning, that would not be as highlighted in an all-boy setting. And then there you have it.

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Senior Girl Scout Mission: I drew her in a more modern pop art style.

This journey is their chance to imagine a perfect world—for girls. Tips to create a great Gold Award proposal. The Senior Visionary Award — To earn the award, girls complete 3 steps: Girls tend to cover their whole face with a lot of makeup and put away their flaws but if they don’t have makeup they show their true selves which means everything. This painting depicts a woman with her sole attention on her child.


Abused people are often stereotyped as weak, but when you’re being confused and manipulated, it isn’t that easy. Journey Awards GIRLtopia invites girls to consider how the world is far from perfect for girls around the world. Additionally, in my Utopia, depicted by this picture, men and women’s equality would also bring equal pay for equal work. Although current society still gives more favors towards men, the Victorian Era was more harsh.

Leaders, after all, are visionaries! Previous 7 of 20 Next. If one person can do one thing that helps maybe only five people. But if you have other people helping you and supporting you the more people want to see it change. Everyone tells us to give up and then criticizes us if we do. Girls are naturally different than boys and there is nothing that can be changed about it.

Then they’ll take action to make their vision a reality. Create It — an artistic representation of an ideal world to share with others; Guide It — lead a discussion or group activity that engages other girls in thinking about visionary leadership; and Change It — complete a Take Action Project that moves the world or a community one step closer to ideal.

The younger girls in the video have yet to be exposed to the parts of society that change the way they see the phrase “like a girl”. It shows a different part of her brain for each word that she believes would create the perfect image for the life of woman in the future. Our drawing represents that no matter where you come from, you can achieve your dreams. I chose to share this video because it depicts they way society shapes the minds of girls over time.

The Senior Visionary Award — To earn the award, girls complete 3 steps:. As girls take in this reality, they are invited to envision an ideal world—a society that consistently respects their needs, values and interests. Never over, never won But then again… We can prove them wrong!!


Girltopia for Seniors – workshops4girls

This item currently has no reviews. Also check out our main Pinterest page. This will allow young girls to embrace their culture and ethnicity. Journey Awards GIRLtopia invites girls to consider how the world is far from perfect for girls around the world.

To the older girls, “like a girl” meant weaker, less capable. Women were looked down on as weak, to the point people thought women couldn’t handle things on their own. The second reason being if you have some small actions and lots of people that creates a big change for the world.

So the painting is another sign that women were expected girltopis give up their lives for their children because all the pictures drawn that time have mothers looking at their children. And if two people do the exact same thing that would help ten people and if a third person helps it can help 15 people and so on and so forth.

Senior GIRLtopia Journey Book

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Because we are stronger and smarter than they believe. Girl Scout Seniors know the world is not ideal. We’ll ask for delivery information at checkout. It makes it seem as if it is a negative thing to be a girl. My Create It shows my Utopia of men and woman being equal within the workplace.