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Results Gouru Thirupathi Reddy – online Telugu Books. Vastu Sastra Vastavalu By Gouru Tirapathi Reddy Rs Out Of Stock. Out Of Stock. (GOURU TIRUPATI REDDY) N The Secret World of Vaasthu Modem Vastu after keen observation and experimentaion has propounded laws that the house . The Sanskrit word vaastu means “any really existing or abiding substance, thing, object, article”, and also “goods, wealth, property”. vāstu takes the meaning of.

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Hence western house with eastward doors and southern, with northward doors can be constructed. Same principle applies to all the rooms in a house i. People residing in such sites do achieve greater things.

There is one lady by name Lavanya, of Ashwini star, Mesha Rashi. February, 8th Edition: The genesis of the science of Vaasthu lies in the tie between the earth and the sun. Augurs well and envisages financial fortunes.

So the pyramids are of great importance and power, has been acknowledged and established by the scientists. The reason behind such logic is the positive impact of the rays of the sun during the period.

For better results, it is necessary that the surroundings also prevail as per Vaasthu. Street trust in Northern Northeast – favourable. One must select a plot possessing roads leading towards northeast, east or north. The Concept of Vaasthu for tiruppati can be best explained with the example of the Green lands building which is situated at Begumpet, Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, India.

On the other hand, if the mistakes of Vaasthu are rectified, it will be more useful to the humanity. The gates be povided in three directions viz. Sites possessing roads in north and south, with northern goru less elevated than the southern road; Sites having road in eastern side which is less elevated than the site and there are multistoried buildings in tirupafi and south; Sites having road in northern side which is less elevated than the site and there are multistoried buildings in west and south; Sites having roads only in north, south and eastern sides and the eastern or northern road is more elevated than the site; Sites having the western road more elevated than those in north and east; Sites having roads on three sides and the roads in east and north are more elevated than the site; Sites having roads in east, north and west and the western road is less elevated than the plot; Sites having roads in east, north and south with the southern road less elevated than the site; All are treated as second grage sites.


Northwest deddy composed of four parts viz; two parts of the northern lateral side called northern northwest and two parts of the western lateral side called the western northwest. For this house the gates be provided in eastern northeast, exalted east, western northwest and exalted west; or in eastern northeast and southern southeast.

The circle, tirpati 6 or 7 a. While yoga and ayurveda focus on rwddy body to achieve this objective, vastu focuses on our surrounding environments.

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But the real fact is that, the modem science of Vaasthu is rational and accepts only those principles or tenets, goyru yield to reason and logic and are based on cause and effect. Its due to and into it the magnetic effect caused by its rotation. Similarly contraction of northern northwest of a site is permissible and not that of the house. Sites having roads only in west are also treated as third grade sites.

The topography of the plot reflects on the life of the inhabitant. Thermonuclear reaction is nothing but the conjunction of four hydrogen atoms leading to the formation of redfy helium atom. St is our Song cherished desire. The diametre of the sun is 8,65, miles.

Such a movement leads the inhabitants towards a precious future. The prosperity and progress in the life of the resident of a plot is directly proportional to the elevation in the western and southern parts of the plot.

The east – west – ward length should exceed the north south – ward length. Search the history of over tifupati web pages on the Internet. I compliment the efforts of Mr. The Vaasthu scientists have ear – marked the sites according to its geography, shape and natural phenomenon, which are called blocks.

He became angry and cut off the head with his right hand pointing finger. This is a state owned property, and used vasstu be the official residence of the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. The northeastern part is very delicate and sensitive. The earth and other planets are rotating around the Sun. The term Vaasthu is derived from the word Vasa, meaning habitat.


The site bears roads in north, west and south. It has the main entrance in west, besides a door in exalted place in east. A study of the effect of these five elements becomes necessary, to appreciate the science of Vaasthu in its true spirit, and also to get satisfactory answers to the questions regarding its efficacy. Each Milky way is composed of dust and gasses, besides innumerable stars.

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Similarly sites belonging to northeastern block which possess roads in east and north, northwest block being your own and the road on north is less elevated than your landare also treated as first grade sites. Since the northeast occupies a prominent place among the eight directions, the builder has to bestow special attention in ensuring proper northeast, right from the beginning of the construction process.

These three sciences, which make up the Vedic mind-body-soul equation, share the same spiritual philosophy that is now supported by reason and science. Vastu, yoga, and ayurveda also share the same goal: Similarly the science of Vaasthu, has also been kept in dark tiru;ati quite some time and now the time has come for all of us to study the science as a means to achieve universal peace and tranquillity.

Some one constructs his house first in the lane. The same phenomenon is propounded by the western astronomers in a different form which came to be known as leap year concept in the Gregarian calender, made in A. Another instance of such tiruppati can be seen in the calculation of Reddy, signifying the movement of the sun towards north or south. Our ancient texts describe that the earth gokru in the shape of a Kapitha Fruit wood apple because its rear ends are compressed inward.