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Salsa, Afro Cuban Montunos for Guitar. Finally the first instructional book showing guitarists how to play Salsa styles. Following on from his highly successful. Documents Similar To Salsa Afro Cuban Montunos for Guitar. Guitar Music of Uploaded by. kostas salsa guitar. Uploaded by. This Latin improvisation lesson uses an A minor montuno. A montuno is a unique accompaniment pattern often used in Latin America, especially in Afro-Cuban.

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Latin Guitar: #4 Minor & Major Montuno – TrueFire Blog

Watch this video on YouTube Learning to dance salsa Half the fun and beauty of salsa is the dance. Watch this video on YouTube One chord montuno.

Remember to learn the songs as much as you can from the vinyl! You can read an in depth discussion on bell patterns at Wikipedia. Of course, learning from the music will always help a lot, too! PDF of some sample A minor montunos.

How to Play Salsa Guitar

Please let me know how it goes for you! You can basically play the piano montuno. Please listen to the audio demos below. Thanks for checking out the semi-secret section for those of you who watched all the credits.


Watch this video on YouTube This song includes a tres playing the main montuno. You will receive an email with your purchase receipt and download links as soon as your order is processed. It also helps you focus on your time and groove. Of all the musical styles, to me, mambo is the main immediate precursor to salsa, if not really the first chapter of salsa music. Check out Afro-latin Afro-Cuban and Afro-Puerto-Rican musical styles to understand the deeper roots of salsa, son and mambo.

Watch this video on YouTube This version starts out with a rumba clave. Tons of written and audio examples. They were mostly from Puerto Rico and Cubathough musicians came from many places i. And, dancing helps your time!

Salsa, Afro Cuban Montunos for Guitar

It comes in later 4: Try figure out the bass lick. Johnny Pacheco and Larry Harlow.

Like the needle said to the record: And remember to make sure your feet are hitting the floor in time to the music. So we will start with a montuno in just A minor. Please remember to try variations and different patterns.


The numbers above are the two bar count. A lot of the musicians i. All purchases are done through our SSL secure server and Gumroad.

But being able to play a major groove and a minor groove are good places to start out.

This books explores different chord progressions common to this style such as: Once you hear the different parts, you will be able to fit what you are playing into what the rest of the band is playing. Many bebop musicians Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie incorporated Cuban and other Caribbean rhythms into their bebop compositions.

The Latin Real Book. But this book has tons of interesting songs. Much care has been taken in the recording of each example.