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GURPS Alternate Earths 2. Available as a digital file! Written by Kenneth Hite, Craig Neumeier, and Michael S. Schiffer Edited by James L. Cambias * Cover art . List of Alternate Earths. Britannica-6 (GURPS Infinite Worlds: Britannica-6, entire book), Year: , TL: 5+2, Mana Level: none, Quantum: 6. GURPS Alternate Earths is (as you may have guessed) a GURPS sourcebook ( well, rather two books, but they’re both covered here) about Alternate History.

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Combined with the effects of the invasions of Europe by the Bulgars and MagyarsChristian Europe had no hope of survival. Reich-5 so esrths because it was the fifth parallel world discovered by the Infinity Patrol in which Nazi Germany had won World War II takes as its point of divergence from real history the successful assassination of president-elect Franklin D.

This section is empty. Privacy Policy Contact Us. The “current year” is ; the pre-eminent Norse powers are Danemark DenmarkSvearika SwedenGardarika a Varangian -founded territory stretching across northern Eurasia altsrnate, and Vinland in North America. More importantly, the introduction of American animals and crops especially the potato gave peasant farmers a greater ability to feed themselves and prevented potentates from controlling their subjects through grain imports.

Africa is home to Zoroastrian Egypt, the rapidly arming southern state of KwaZulu and the Songhay Empire, inheritors of Christianity and Roman civilisation. By using this site, you agree to eadths Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ming-3 is a parallel universe almost entirely dominated by a Chinese empire whose fleets of exploration under Zheng He Jeng Ho in the text were never scrapped as they were in our history; the scenario credits the mother of the Xuande Emperor with having persuaded her son to put a final end to his voyages her husband, the Hongxi Emperorhaving opposed them during his short reignand posits a plague that ended her life and her influence over Xuande.

Privacy Policy Contact Us. This not only prevented the succession struggle between his sister Matilda and Stephen of Blois and the Anarchy which followed Stephen’s accession to the thronebut also led to Eleanor of Aquitaine becoming even more important to Centrum’s history than she was to ours.

GURPS Alternate Earths

Midgard diverges from real history inwhen the Viking captains Hoskuld and Tyri set out to sack Mikligardr Constantinople while emperor Michael III “the Drunkard” was campaigning against the Saracens. The development of “parachronics”, the parallel-jumping technology central to the GURPS Time Travel setting, enabled Centran society to quickly recover from the war.


Aeolus breaks with our history inwhen the favourable winds which allowed William of Orange to safely cross the English Channel and invade England in the real world never materialized and his fleet was lost in the attempt.

King James II was therefore never driven from his throne, and subsequently executed the anti-Catholic parliamentarians who had invited William earthx take the throne for treason. Along with the reality of girps lifethe Stellar Caliphs also recently developed mainframe artificial intelligence agents called djinnwho are accepted eqrths equals in Muslim society.

A handy guide to conquering your own parallel Earth. North of the Tenochca Empire’s American territories are the iron mines and weapons factories of the Hotinosavannah League the Iroquois to the east and the Tlingit Confederacy to the west. Gernsback is a parallel that seems drawn straight from a s science fiction adventure story it is named for the editor Hugo Gernsbackfounder of Amazing Stories in which many such tales appeared.

In turn, the United States allied themselves with Germany and took most of Canada from the Confederacy’s British supporters while the Confederates absorbed Mexico and most of Central America.

Eventually, the Anglo-French Empire dominated not only Europe but most of the globe. Europe and Asia are now covered with a half-dozen Mongol khanates the greatest of which is the Khanate of Ch’in and dozens of semi-independent petty kingdoms that are easy targets for steam-powered Tenochca slave raids. During the American Civil WarWalker’s ships ran the Union blockade and ensured that Southern troops were well-supplied, leading to their victory over Northern forces and the independence of the Confederate States of America.

Why settle for only one world?

GURPS Alternate Earths II

Married not to Henry II of England but to William Adelin’s son Robert the Crusader, Eleanor ruled in her husband’s absence and during their son’s infancy, establishing xlternate incredibly powerful Anglo-French Empire gurrps her death in Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines.


Cornwallis takes as its point of divergence from our history the decision of Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot to not criticise the extravagances of Marie Antoinette as he did in the real world. The early exchange of biota resulted in the decimation of the American peoples by Eurasian diseases, but the low technological disparity between the two continents at the time meant the newcomers could not take full advantage of this before new populations with resistance to the diseases developed.

Sean Punch pages. Raid the glittering pyramids of Mexico with your Vinlander kinsmen.

Alternate Earths – GURPS Repository

Humanity has also spread to the rest of the solar guprs and to colony worlds in four other star systems accessible through FTL stargates. Subversive plots by the nefarious Centrum. Pages using deprecated image syntax.

The Smugglers’ Guide to Interdimensional Trade. When Ugrps vessels entered the Indian Ocean and seized the port of Goa in defiance of Chinese authority, a fleet was sent to round the Cape of Good Hope, captured European ports on the west coast, and landed at Lisbon in The “current year” is ; Nanjing is the effective capital of the world, the vassal realm of Datsin controls Europe from Poland to the Pyreneessouthern Africa is a de facto independent nation and a cosmopolitan outpost of Chinese culture on the edge of relatively eartns central Africa, and the Americas are increasingly being populated with Asian rather than native subjects of the Empire.

Unfortunately, imperial control is beginning to break down and many fear the Emperor has lost the Mandate of Heaven. Caliph is perhaps the strangest of the Alternate Earths settings. The Tenochca have coaling stations around the world and their continental lands now stretch from the Ohio River to the northern Andes. An infinity of Earths is waiting for you! The “current year” in Cornwallis isand the world is carved into colonial slices by Russia which holds KoreaJapan and Alaska and the Five Thrones.

Its point of divergence is the marriage of Nikola Tesla to Anne Morgan, daughter of banker and financier J.