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The GURPS Cabal web page is at Page References. Rules and statistics in this book are specif- ically for the GURPS. Review: GURPS Cabal GURPS Cabal, by Kenneth Hite, and additional material by J. M Caparula, Scott Haring and S. John Ross, explores the fascinating. What if the material world were but the tip of the iceberg — a single realm in a vast sea of infinities, each holding secrets deeper and more frightening than the.

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Many Cabalists speculate that there should be one more rank above that of Grand Master.

Stick this in your World of Darkness & Smoke It | GURPS Cabal | RPGGeek

For instance, perhaps the archmage who is made Ultor to a dragon decides teaching said dragon spells is a way of protecting it? The Cabal is usually too fractured to treat as a single organization.

Find More Posts by hal. Vampires use templates from Blood Types, adapted for 4th edition.

Spirits in general are also a headache. The time now caba GURPS Cabal depicts a modern-day secret society composed of vampireslycanthropes and sorcerers who study the underlying principles of magic and visit other planes of existence and was integrated into Ugrps Worldsthe “default” core setting for GURPS’s 4th Edition. Also there could be a lot of middlemen. From lowest to highest, the ranks are: I love the feel, I love the idea and the style.



I thought I’d share some of my notes, and ask if anyone has some useful input on their experiences with Cabal in 4th or similar sorts of game. It is, of course, a work in progress. Grups of Power are on Thaumatology, p. Alchemy-focused characters might need the Gadgeteer advantage, and almost certainly want the Gizmo advantage.

The biggest change is the Astral power, since Yetzirah seems markedly different from the rather vague Astral Plane in Psychic Powers.

I envision Cabalist adventures as having the following default basic structure: Add werebear, what else? Also, types of gurpe Notes and Thoughts Quote: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Cosmology seems to be the biggest headache. Land of the Beer, Home of the Dirndls. Well, the easiest way to canon-weld the two concepts is to set the timeline of History Fabal and the time break further back to prior to the rise of Egypt.

Find More Posts by Apollonian. And there could be some supplementary material or even adventures easily adde to that combo.


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This section is empty. Suspiciously, none of them act particularly devout. Originally Posted by mhd. Originally Posted by Refplace.

Shapeshifters are probably going to be a headache. Find More Posts by Refplace. The Annunaki predate all Human History, and Human Civilization gurls really began after their downfall, by those who would become known as the first Cabalists, who learned how to harness the power of the Decans against the Annunaki.

Ley Lines are covered on Thaumatology, pp. The Cabal, unsurprisingly, has roots in the Jewish study of Kabbalahthough it has appropriated concepts from Egyptian occultism and elsewhere to create a syncretic system of Hermetic magic.

This probably involves combat or social leverage. Find More Posts by whswhs. The PCs deal with the short-term consequences girps their actions: All times are GMT Citations for crunch and notes.