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Hommage-%C3% · date of death. 18 January 1 reference. Guy Durandin is the author of La Mentira En La Propaganda Politica Y En La Publicidad/ The Lie In Political Advertising And In The Publicity (Paidos Comu. Guy Durandin is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Guy Durandin and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes.

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The propaganda has more weight since it is the most feasible channel so that a political campaign obtains its objective. Originally optimistic about shale gas extraction, van Tonder backtracked in June to warn that fracking would severely impact underground water supplies.

Les mensonges en propagande et en publicité – Guy Durandin – Google Books

This depends as well on which it communicates to him, that is, of the propaganda and the publicity that receive. When one is to convince or to persuade, one resorts to the political publicity by means of announcements in durnadin campaigns and other campaigns from the government or of the political parties as information vehicle as supposedly it happens in durandn commercial campaigns. As much the publicity as the propaganda acts on the mind of individuals that are member of a group with some characteristics in durandim and therefore they persecute the change of an attitude.

As it durandjn Izquierdo Navarro: This type of tense situations between the different candidates has increased time in the last, for that reason it says that the publicity has taken advantage or greater part in the development from the political campaigns, but, without a doubt the propaganda is the one that has urged this, since the aggressions handled by the publicity are the reflection of a good political propaganda that it stimulates and it imposes the presence and person of some candidate emphasizing his special qualities but before the others to emphasize in the policy, the candidates, since Fox did, must make use of the propaganda in their person in showing to a human being not a fight dog.

Only 2 left in stock – order soon. Another fantasies idea, taken advantage of by individuals that obtain with the good faith of guh people, indicates that its use assures political results and triumphs for those who use the techniques and strategies of this novel field of the knowledge.

We thought durqndin the propaganda and the publicity belong, about the immense majority of the cases, to the types of persuasive and manipulating speech. The answer to that we injured made us understand the differences between two subjects so related which can be confused and as these two techniques of persuasion can injure to manipulate to us.


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The forms to lie or to distort a message in the propaganda or publicity are, according to Durandin, three:. We guyy attention but to the person who in which this says or thinks, since the propaganda of the political figure is the one that is recorded more in the mind of the population.

The Mexican society has all the characteristics of a consumer society and the advertising campaigns in general have adopted the new techniques of the commercial promotion in these consumer societies.

The information that the voters obtain, according to the studies, is not useful information for them. Other authors bind the height of the publicity to the structural transformations of capitalism.

The person that won the Presidency duranxin Mexico, Vicente Fox Quezada, was the one who handling all these strategies of propaganda.

In this same case, the aggressive messages towards Fox and the harmful publicity that was generated around his ideas and commentaries. According to Dr Ron Bishop, the US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 1 out of 6 abandoned oil and gas wells are already leaking toxins to the surface.

In agreement with Goebbels, the Nazi minister, ” We did not speak duranxin say something, but to obtain a certain effect”.

The debate includes an endless number of interpretations about this discipline, from fantasists ideas that they compare with charlatanry and the electoral astrology until serious and critical commentaries of duranddin virtues, I reach and potentialities. A similar case is the one of the communism that furandin with Lennin in the old Soviet Union. Independently if it deals with about propaganda in the systems called totalitarian like nazism or the communism or the variety that we found in the democratic systems, we can be asked if its function today is the one to inform to allow, as we said in the beginning, that people make decisions of rational type, or if has the function to manipulate, that is to say, the one to take to the people to make such-and such conduct particular.

From the point of view of the communication, the policy is also a debate on the definition of the reality since the support or the opposition that is generated depends on the definition or construction of the reality that becomes hegemonic or dominant in one society.

Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. It is persuasive communication designed to influence.


With no possibility for this powerful deflocculant to be naturally occurring nor any other drilling taking place in the area, the drilling fluid had swiftly migrated over 30km and made its way to a water source. Izquierdo Navarro says that one is manipulation in the sense that products without manipulating are only raw material and, therefore, cannot be communicated without manipulating since the public does not have the capacity to manipulate the information by their self.

The cement and steel casing around the wellhead, where the borehole meets the surface, needs to be designed and implemented to ensure that no drilling additives, brine or hydrocarbons exit the well — not while drilling or fracking or when producing gas or when the well is declared exhausted and forever abandoned. Los mercados son insaciables. It is in this sense that the political publicity has received a great importance in our country.

Both are worth of persuasive mechanisms and manipulating in some cases to convince certain group to take some attitudes that will benefit to who emits the message in this case to the candidate.

But, what does he proposed before being President? Ver, sobre este tema, el excelente libro de Dan Nimmo y James E. It has, therefore, the necessity to manipulate the opinion of the masses by means of the development of the ” public opinion “. It is important to carry out reception analysis that indicates the particular way to us as the voter-receiving take control, that is to say, does his, interprets, these messages in the process to construct its own political reality.

This one is, in last instance, the true nature of the policy. Iberoamericana de Ediciones, Inc. No chemicals or hazardous elements found guj the rock should find an alternative pathway via a natural fracture in the rock or, a possible curveball unique to the Karoo that the gas industry is yet to encounter elsewhere in the world: But at the moment of the operation of one or another resource of campaign, the more developed in the political campaigns is the propagandaone handles in its totality the person, who emits the message must be somebody leader, who calls the attention with his single presence.