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Marvel Heroscape Rulebook Marvel Official Rules and FAQ’s. Play one of 8 select Heroscape Marvel games or create your own game! again, this is Heroscape, so the rules are straightforward and easy to learn or teach. Heroscape Marvel was a Heroscape franchise release using the hex terrain, rules and game mechanics of the original Heroscape franchise but is set.

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Each piece is about as top notch as you can get for a plastic piece out of a box.


They also have stronger special abilities that fit their unique superhero flavor, and they have, for the most part, much higher point costs, with the Incredible Hulk being the most costly unit in Heroscape. Playing Time 90 minutes.

This is a community, not an audience. It has a small amount of terrain, a warehouse ruin with break away section, and 10 figures. All Boardgame Related Subreddits. Heroscape allows hfroscape to create games both with landscape and with your predetermined time in mind. Had a lot of fun with it. I love it and it also comes with the Warehouse. Want to add to the discussion?


Right now I’m assuming they just act as regular tiles matvel are only colored a bit differently? Stand-alone threads may be removed if they don’t follow these rules.

Thanks, I just wanted to confirm that I read it right because it seemed odd. In all seriousness, though, this is a good and welcome affirmation. Pokemon Lost Thunder Out Now! I was just trying to verify that I read the rules correctly. C3G claims no ,arvel of the characters or artwork used for C3G customs.

HeroScape: Marvel rules question. : boardgames

Create a new discussion. Want to see which designers, reviewers, and publishers will be dropping by to discuss their work? This game is awesome and its hard to start with what makes it awesome, but lets give it a swing.

Not reinventing the wheel here, just simple dules play. It offers a great combination of fun tactical rrules, excellent quality miniatures, and easy-to-learn mechanics that provide varying degrees of difficulty. See the participation guidelines for more details on this. Find all posts by jcb Collector’s Vault – Magic: Then Hasbro announced Marvel: V Trial Deck 5: Overall, this is a great game.

If we were all a little honest to ourselves we would admit gaming is a little dorky. Username Password Remember Me Lost your password? I bought this for my son because he loves his super heroes. Regarding the gameplay, again, this is Heroscape, so the rules are straightforward and easy to learn or teach.


You want to play on long game, Great! Although not as much terrain as the earlier master sets, the components are still extremely high quality. Please don’t hesitate to PM the moderators. Considering that the basic rules are kind of lame, I’d personally just play master rules, and in your case skip the special abilities since they might confuse your son.

Sony PlayStation 4 PS4. Find all posts by netherspirit. They are intended to teach very young children how to play. You can draft a army worth pts. Questions or problems with flair? The entire game is built around the Master rules. Which side are you on?

The cons — I would have really liked to see some expansions, more characters maybe play out some big time comic battles and what not.

Here, There, and Everywhere Posts: Component reviews are allowed.