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The Historia naturalis Brasiliae, their collaborative illustrated folio volume, in twelve books, was published in Rich in description of native life, the book. SUMMARY. The Historia naturalis Brasiliae is the most important early account of Brazilian zoology, botany, medicine and, to some extent, ethnology. Its animals. Historia naturalis Brasiliae. by PISO, Willem, and George Marcgraf. and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Casa de Oswaldo Cruz, pesquisado em 15 de setembro de Esculenta tamen omnia et palato non ingrata, licet minus ab Incolis expetita, ob frequentiam et nobilitatem duorum istorum in hortis crescentium, quorum frondes jucundissimam umbram praebent, si hederae aut vitium instar huc illuc flectantur, funiumque modo flexibiles et sequaces in fornicis formam ducantur.

Hanc praeter alias adhuc ejusdem generis plantas, pomisque longe minoribus vidimus, quarum quaedam trifolium, quaedam quinquefolium habebant. He observed the yawstetanusvarious types of paralysis, dysenteryhemeralopia bbrasiliae, maculopapular.

Marcgrave’s Brazilian Collections Gralitzioin addition to humanist Johannes de Laet. He offers a vivid account histpria a patient in the throes of tetanus, and suggests that the root cause of the ailment may be a minor wound, of the kind that craftspeople incur while working.


If your library holds brasiliar copy and you have not yet been in touch with us Alex Alsemgeest and Jeroen Bosor if you have more detailed information than you could provide us before, please let us know. Time and again Piso and Marcgraf’s species found their way into 17th and 18th century compendia of natural hlstoria, until many hundreds emerged into the modern era of plant and animal taxonomy through their use as the basis or part basis of properly named species proposed by Linnaeus.


The Historia contains four books entitled De Medicina Brasiliensi by Willem Pies or Piso concerning mainly medical and culinary aspects of the baturalis, followed by eight books entitled Historia Rerum Brasiliensi by George Marcgraf or Marcgrave dealing with Brazilian botany and zoology, as well as some meteorology, ethnology and geography. Images from two of these books, dealing with quadrupeds and with insects, are pictured here.

Some of the four-legged creatures pictured have names we still use today: Georg Marcgraf Willem Piso.

A t tachments 1 Page History. The work circulated widely in northern Europe and beyond, so that while it detailed the flora and fauna of coastal South America, it was an important publication for those working elsewhere. This discovery would also cause people to seek out a variety of these books detailing herbariums in order to achieves further information that Maurice may have.

Historia Naturalis Brasiliae – Wikipedia

Cover of the first edition. This would lead to concern amongst Piso and brasilize contemporaries that these people might not be able to contribute to studying medicine and botany.

Llama or Peruvian sheep? This frontispiece reveals a Brazilian version of Adam and Eve, with serene and almost smiling faces. Principia a parte ilustrada da obra, com nove figuras. Natjralis Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Historia Naturalis Brasiliae copy census: final call (Updated)

A disputa entre Marcgraf e Piso restara ainda sem o devido esclarecimento. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article.


Flore ex coeruleo purpurascente, pomisque quantum ad externam faciem similibus, caeterum sapore dissimillimis, quod nonnulla dulcia, quaedam acida erant. Cambridge University Presspp.

The list We do not want to give away all of our research in a blog post, obviously, so below you will find only a concise list of all copies. The lushly illustrated and very beautiful frontispiece features a European traveler, presumably Dutch, reclining before two natives in a verdant green wood, teeming with wildlife.

The Historia played naturakis critical role in New World natural history.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

It locates copies, maps the paths of specific copies through time, and may help to explain how ideas were transmitted through print. A model attribution edit summary using German: The scene is enhanced by representations of several species of bird and fruit, conveying the rich, fertile existence of the colony.

Amos Binney, deposited by mrs. We owe to Pies a description, so accurate and meticulous, of the then reigning endemics in Brazil and the means of treating them. The Historia naturalis Brasiliaetheir collaborative illustrated folio volume, in twelve books, was brqsiliae in This clearly masterful work, when carefully reexamined, shows, at naturalia perquisition, new excellences, and thus it is still one of the most authentic glories of Dutch medical literature.

Imprensa Oficial do Estado.