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Please excuse my pile of questions, if there is any documentation please point me to it: A better way would be to use a rfm12 wireless connection.

Heizungssteuerung mit Honeywell HR20 –

Or if the server hoenywell to talk to the client, it sends a wake-up right after the client heart-beat. Wer was committen will muss freigeschaltet werden. I am not abble maintain 1. Ich habe verdammt lange nichts mehr mit einem AVR gemacht! The other functions are self describing I think. Token or n might get lost.

The gedienungsanleitung version without RFM12 works ok. Strange, but as already said I will now first log the data before telling too much nonsense. You can have two choices: You can also get the status. Time slot can be used as block for one slave long communication. Removing the Rondostat and bediemungsanleitung the blue wheel by hand, the radiators get warm. So i took the hex and eep files from the repository and it works like a charm.

The SW is based on. But it never happen. HR20 will transmit packet with packet key generated from hash step 2 PK2 -step 3: Example is tested KQ-U8A cable http: This will reduce motor movement outside live regulation arrea, but it is not fully tested. The overheating was my fault, your question was the right hint: When there is interference, there is less space to joneywell.


Heizungssteuerung mit Honeywell HR20

If the distance would be too large, the pin of the valve would be out and the valve open. Valve position on log is what you want to have can’t be change live on motor movementsvalve position on Nedienungsanleitung is calculated from absolute position and show live position. Many of us have another system. Can you send me your valve range?

I think it is possible to change pinconfiguration to use hw-uart but you have to do changes on the pcb so I think this would be a solution for only a few people. So he knows enc rand. After last change it is better, but it can be false positive or negative again. Motor speed is not significant for valve position.

Can you give me a hint how i can log the data’s from HR20 Valve Hf-20e. I would like to found where is bug. The problem is that your description in the mail from It was fix problem with “On” setting. I want to use the wireless HR20s a bit differently then you. All this values are not exact and it depend to valve type.


This is not really the desired effect. Can both – internal and external – be used? I am not sure whether the problem can be solved by coins.

And this is result: After a week or so I found that the temperature in the room was always to high and the valve already at its rondostt position of It is significant if you have childens. I do only have to copy the new Layout into my code, the rest is don’t automatically per reflection mechanism.

I have 5 valves exacly same and only one of them have same broblem. Is there any readable user manual or anyone working on it?