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Each day has 24 Kala Horas, each hour constituting a Hora. Therefore, from the Sunrise, first one hour is being represented by the first Hora. tags: horary, cotton market, horary numerology as applied to cotton market, numerology book, hora science, rasajo, download numerology. Horary Numerology of the Turf -Study Guide. “Horay Numerology applied as Cotton Market” kisine pada hai kya? kya hai isme? Is kitaab ke.

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Not only this, you can use the conditional probability methods like Linear regression method, Monte Carlo simulations and many of correlation method in forecasting the winning lottery numbers. Therefore, from the Sunrise, first one hour is being represented by the first Hora, which is always the Lord of the day. You can use this function to predict future sales, numsrology requirements, or consumer trends, in forecasting gambling, horse racing and many more.

I Let us take events of a lottery of daily draw. Consecutive Kalhoras were ruled by the lord of the respective 6th day.

horary numerology as applied to cotton market ( edition) | Open Library

There is no fun playing in gambling of lottery by picking numbers at random or by selecting as lucky nos. Moon – public relations, family, domestic, mother, personal needs, social life. Let us get started with the working of the pyramidon system and observe the astonishing trend lines or conditional formats that are generated in order to have maximum confidence levels of probability in selecting the winning numbers.

Sun Hora is positively more effective on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Sun Hora is detrimental on Saturday and Friday.

horary numerology as applied to cotton market

When you reach the end of the sequence, start over with the Sun. Sea, water, liquid related works, agriculture, gardening, travel, food related activities bring success.


This iteration can continue both ways, infinitely. The known values are existing x-values and y-values, and the new value is predicted by using linear regression. This system offers an incredibly real and practical correlation with gambling randomized events; lottery ; horse racing, sports betting, stock market forecasts. If you plot a quarter circle inside each of the squares as they reiterate, the golden spiral is formed.

After Moon, we go back to Saturn and repeat the 7 planets. The Fibonacci sequence is possibly the most simple recurrence relation occurring in nature. Venus – romance, emotion, social life, family, sensory experience, the arts, entertainment. Look at the appoied the numbers appeared in each lottery draw. Venus hora is beneficial aesthetic and uniting. Posted by Editor at In this way, it is simple to make a hora table for any day.

Jan 14th is Friday. Saturn’s hour can bring delays, obstacles and pressures, but may also be a great time for doing business. Jupiter hora is auspicious fruitful and increasing. Mars hora is sharp, aggressive and volatile avoid important activities during this period.

Past record of winning numbers of the lottery: Venus Hora is positively more effective on Wednesday, Markte and Saturday. In betting the next number of your electricity bill?


The basic idea is simple. Saturn Hora are is detrimental on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Coronation, meeting with high officials, Health related works, Trade, spiritual matters, government works are suitable. The main function of my concept is to stream line any random sequence with high uncertainty level of probability or no probability level into a conditional level and therefore very useful in much statistical analysis of probability and forecast, particularly in the use of probability density functions and uncertainty levels in the population groups.

You cannot predict ot next lottery number however expert you may be in statistics. All of the above said statistical analytical methods will evaluate only the degree of probability that is to say the degree of chance of occurrence of event in population field. Mercury Hora is Less effective on Tuesday.


In my many borary of research work in this field, I found a particular application in simplifying the procedures to a great extent. Mars Hora is positively more effective on Sunday, Tuesdays and Thursday.

The lords of hora come in the cotron of decreasing speed with respect to earth: No other methods or systems of statistical probability analytical method could be applied in a satisfactory level than pyramidon system in forecasting the winning numbers in the gambling and other similar events. This pyramidon method is the only method in the application of forecasting the winning event, far advanced then any other systems of statistical analytical systems that are there existing to-day.

Continue this procedure until you get single cell display at the end, as shown in figure 2. Horas change from place to place, according to three parameters i mentioned. It is not a thrill? Then you designate the first hour to the Sun, the ruler of Sundays. In my quest to find a suitable method in forecasting a winning number as of a lottery, with high degree of accuracy jumerology after many years of testing of various statistical analytical methods in the theory of probability has resulted in stumbling upon a system of mathematical application and I call it pyramidon system.

After subtracting multiples of 7 from 16, we get 2. Mercury Hora is positively more effective on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.