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This manual may contain references to HP or Hewlett-Packard. Please note that Hewlett-. Packard’s former test and measurement, semiconductor products and. Chapter 2 Getting Acquainted with the HP C How to Get the Most Out of the HP C “General Information” section of the Operating Manual has. This page is devoted to the repair of my HPC Network Analyzer. section or page of the HPC Service Manual PDF file) and got these results.

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More to come soon Unit as received I got the unit knowing it had several faults, so there was not surprise when I got the first display from it: So I went bed at about 3AM local time To check my theory, I soldered a new 0.

Manuals – KO4BB

The controller board before the fix. Here you have a test pattern displayed on the Sony monitor subassembly yes, it is a Sony Trinitron tube! Source adjustments As I said before, I was afraid of trying any test which would write on the configuration EEPROM, as I had no way to restore the previous configuration if things got worse I got a gut feeling that the problem may be with the power supply itself.

So I removed the switching pre-regulator box and opened it in a hope to find the answer there. The bad C6 bypass capacitor was replaced with a new mica red one which can be seen in the center of the picture.

Cleaning works I have done also some cosmetic work on the unit and have also fixed the gummy power button system. It was not hard, using the extensive display charts tests, to get the colors more natural, as chart 13 shows: There was no a specific pattern that would allow to predict as to when this may happen next time.


Jp8753c I run all the tests which were related to it. I marked with a permanent pen the actual position, so I had a reference to come back if I goofed the adjustment too much.

EB5AGV’s Workbench: HP-8753C repair

The right half was the line input and the controller circuit, which became the subject of my further investigation. I cut one of the legs off and connected the ohmmeter across the capacitor – it measured a resistance. And now Channel 1 was, as intended by HP, yellow! That was the breakthrough and I realized that the shutdown condition was caused not by a overcurrent but by a undervoltage.

Also, it was unusual that this type of component, a small axial bypass capacitor, would develop resistance and caused that much of a problem, rendering the whole system unusable.

Hoping that the other few hundred bypass capacitors of this type in the VNA will have been maunal fine for the next 10 years or so. I could not believe my eyes. It can be seen from the schematic that this voltage is supposed to be stable and present on the pin 2 all of the time as long as the VNA power switch is turned on. So, yes, it seemed like the VNA was working fine!!!

But with some determination and efforts even a very complex equipment can be repaired. I connected a scope with a DC input to the pin 2 and This was a very challenging but interesting project and a good exercise for the brain.

Checked the pin 2 again, hp853c voltage was changing erratically. But I could not find it for a while, until I got the info from another manual of an C, where it was pictured.

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So I proceeded with some hesitation and hoping for the best You can see from page of the PDF what the different displays should be in a working unit. Here you have the apparently good check of the YO coil drive: The VNA class of instruments was not wide known to or used by the Ham Radio enthusiasts before recently because of very high cost of that type of equipment.

The Hewlett-Packard C Vector Network Analyzer is a massive literally instrument for measuring complex reflection and transmission parameters of the device under test DUT circuits. I did also some CW tests and, as a sample, a 1. Display color adjustment I had some info about the colors amnual being accurate on this unit. But before doing them, I thought that a good way to know if the rest of the system was OK, was to check the unit with an external reference.

EB5AGV’s Workbench: HPC repair

Every once in a while the C was able to start and work for a period of time and then all of a sudden restarted as was described above. That puzzled me off completely. I got it out of the unit and, as expected, there were no external signs of problems.

And the results were, as you can imagine, bad at least for the first one; the other ones seem to be similar to what the manual says, but with some offsets. As you can see, I was right about the offset being an anomaly. The left half of the box had the power stage and rectifiers.