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Composed in medieval Iceland, Hrolf’s Saga is one of the greatest of all mythic- legendary sagas, relating half-fantastical events that were said to have occurred . Hrolf Kraki’s Saga has ratings and 50 reviews. Lyn said: Poul Anderson has demonstrated his passion for Norse mythology in several of his works and t. The Saga of Hrolf Kraki (Hr√≥lfs saga kraka) is a 13th century Icelandic Legendary Saga about the legendary Danish king Hrolf Kraki, who would have .

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It is sprawling and yet woven and each seeming digression returns to Hrolf Kraki. Hrolf’s Sagawhich was written in prose in fourteenth-century Iceland, has close affinities with the Old English verse epic Beowulfwritten sometime in the period from the eighth to the early eleventh centuries. Against the hrolff, the union is good; she comes to love Helgi and he her. Virtually a fully formed tale in itself, it recounts the fate of Bjorn, the “man bear.

The Danish king Halfdan is murdered and his position usurped by his brother Frodhi. It should be noted that Anderson pulls not only from holf original saga but elsewhere that the story is recounted – Snorri Sturlusson and Saxo Grammaticus, and more besides.

Hrolf Kraki’s Saga by Poul Anderson

And what a story it is. Despite the fact that on each occasion the women caution him not to act on his impulse, Helgi plunges into a series of unfortunate sexual liaisons. La saga de Hrolf Kraki me ha maravillado. This is a tale that tells you what the characters did, and what happened. No one lives in a vacuum and one hero’s life has roots in the past. Inciting her husband to revolt, they secretly raise an army and rise suddenly, besieging Hrolf in his hall.

T I read this as part of Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge for – for task 20, a book with a cover you hate. Anderson put his story together I assume he followed the fragmentary source documents more closely than not, so I believe one will get as krakii accurate an unders Hrolf Kraki’s Saga by Pohl Krakki is a wonderful book.

Hrolf Kraki’s Saga (novel) – Wikipedia

I tend to either really like his books, or be left cold by them. Our benefit is having someone like Poul Anderson to make the legends accessible to our time. The story goes on to relate the personal tales of these champions. Get Known if you don’t have an account.

Hrolf Kraki’s Saga by Poul Anderson is a book in this series and it is one of the finest, most engaging, most imagination-sparking stories I have ever had the pleasure to read. It looks like it htolf not published in hardcover but, as we know, Ballantine Adult Fantasy like other publishers that followed the same model, operated under a license whereby it only published paperbacks a year after krakk original work was released in hardcover.


The ramifications of this love, and the psychological unease caused by the abrupt termination of saaga marriage, affect the lives of almost all of the saga’s subsequent characters. I read this as part of Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge for – for task 20, a book with a cover you hate. The stories of the women then enter the tale, and here we first meet Hrolf’s mother Hro,f, a person of uncommon heritage.

The Hrolf Kraki legend shares some of its cast with Beowulf: The Icelanders’ knowledge of the Scandinavian past was so broad that in medieval times they were acknowledged throughout the North to be master storytellers and the keepers of ancient poetic lore.

Sep 25, Barry rated it it was amazing Shelves: Moreover, some of their enemies also appear: Jul 02, Fraser Sherman rated it really liked it Shelves: I don’t know what the publisher was thinking, inflicting that hideousness on what is really a very good book. Hrolf Kraki’s Saga is relatively faithful to its source material, krako near-quoting it in places, though it puts more flesh on the rather spare saga-style of the original versions, and gets further into characters’ feelings and motivations.

Hrolf Kraki’s Saga

But Helgi fails to hold his yearning for Yrsa in check, and thus he is lured to his death in Sweden by Adils. He gives us swga details that truly bring it to life and the harsh grandeur of Midgard is effectively protrayed as equal parts the land of men and playground of the gods.

Love, loyalty, honesty beyond the most niggling technicalities, were only for one’s kindred, chieftain, and closest friends. Anderson mentions the more recognized hero in his saga and introduces readers to this legend.

The style he used in The Broken Sword would’ve been more appropriate here, in a sense, since this is a retelling of a Norse saga — but it would have rendered it somewhat pointless, as the point was to put flesh on the bones. Personajes cuyos principios se basan en el honor; hombres que se dejan llevar por la arrogancia, la furia y la venganza, para luego afrontar con valor las consecuencias de sus actos.

I also tend to enjoy his fantasy much more than his science fiction for szga he is probably better known.

kraik Like Charlemagne in the sequence of Norse stories named after him or like Arthur in medieval Romance tradition, Hrolf the great king of the North is often overshadowed by the individual stories about his champions. A narrative about pre-Viking Age kings and their rivals, Hrolf’s sagaas the text is often called, tells of King Hrolf, a warrior chieftain who ruled in Denmark about the sixth century AD.


Hjorvard does not last long as king, being killed by Vogga weakling Hrolf had sgaa who in consequence had sworn to avenge him. She was, however, not interested and humiliated Helgi by shaving his head and covering him with tar, while he was asleep, and sending him back to his ship. Retrieved from ” https: He builds up the realm and assembles a band of famous warriors, most notably Hjalti and Bodvar Bjarkia were-bear and one of a trio remarkable brothers, the others being Elk-Frodhi and Thorir Houndsfoot.

Here both Bodvar Bjarki and the god Odin in the guise of Hrani play crucial, though very different, roles. Several of his novels were published posthumously.

Ballantine Books Adult Fantasy Series is proud to presen Poul Anderson has long been known for his love affair with the legends and myths of the great Norse heroes. Taken captive at an early age, Yrsa is forced to marry King Helgi.

A precursor text may have dated to the 13th century, [1] but the saga in the form that survived to this day dates to ca. Poul Anderson nos narra un complejo en tapiz donde las historias de entrecruzan y comparten protagonistas, creando un tapiz lleno de traiciones, odios, amores, venganzas, combates, guerras, magia y muertes no paran de suceder en solo hojas. This kind of has Definitely an interesting dive into Scandinavian lore. Views Read Edit View history. Hrolf’s warriors fight valiantly, but the witchcraft of Skuld prevails, and after a long, terrible battle the defenders fall.

Operation Chaos Operation Luna. The comparison isn’t lost on Master Anderson either: The settlement of Iceland, an island country first colonized by Norsemen in the ninth century, was an offshoot of Viking Age ca. In the case of the legends surrounding King Hrolf and his retinue of champions, the saga tellers had at their disposal an extensive body of existing heroic lore.

Anderson also happens to be a talented writer is our great good luck.