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A link to a dictionary of NON-CANON Huttese terms For those of us who think Star Wars is real (like me), the Huttese language is taken from its namesake, the . Huttese was the language spoken by the Hutts, a slug-like species who called Nal Hutta their homeworld. It was also commonly spoken on Hutt-controlled. This wiki is dedicated to providing all Star Wars fans a complete, working Huttese grammar and dictionary! There have been many attempts at a Huttese.

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The Complete Wermo’s Guide to Huttese (and other Star Wars languages)

Wankee wan kee n. Ok, this is I a test run basically using the language and seeing of the mechanics of it really work well enough. For example the phrase “Bo shueda” was created by Lucas. Jee-jee jee jee pron. Wamma wahm mah v.

Huttese Nouns

Foonta foon tah adj. Learn the Huttese counting system.


By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Dancing Girl danss ing gurl n. Alone ah lohn adj. Dancers dan surz n. Dictionayr doh pah mas kee adj. One who is pitiable, contemptible, or weak-willed. According to some sources, the scene where Greedo encounters Han Solo at the cantina, Greedo actually says idctionary akin to, “I love your big blue eyes. Achute, my pee kasa Susan.

Gran shado gran shad oh adj.

Hees wamma holo gee creeda. Bongo bahn go n. Learning how to refer to yourself and other people or droids, or alien life-forms is also key to mastering any language.

Chik youngee chik yun gee n. D’emperiolo dem peer ee o loh adj. Pick up some Huttese phrases.

Pawa pah wah n. I think the word ‘with’ is used in different instances, like perhaps if you use ‘with’ before one type of noun it is ‘con’, and if you use it before another type of noun it is ‘gee’ or what have you.


Our celebration of the 20 Years of the Jedi Council is over!

Pankpa pank pah n. Basic-Huttese Dictionary A ay 1.

Dwana dwahn ah v. Learn some Huttese verbs, such as: Episode I Podracer by LucasArts I made a hjttese on the race. Kind of as in type of. Newpa noo pah adj. Gopptula gop too lah n. Pronunciation “An X in Huttese is pronounced by making a wet snap of the lips like an aggressive kissing sound. That’s how Ben Burtt spells it.

Banda ban dah n.

How to Speak Huttese: 13 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

The Empire Strikes Back 5. Champion champ ee un n. Final fy nul adj.