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Here are some free plans to the Hydrofoam plane/boat. The kit is a great value, but if you just want to kill a Saturday, then here you go:). 4Q, UAVPilot, Hydro Foam Plans. A Hovering Machine, UFly, Flat Foamy. Amos Moses, Ewo, 3D Foamy. Avro Vulcan, Davereap, Foam Jet. AZ Shrike, AZ Astro. Matty wants to try a Hydrofoam, Kids?. Ehh:rolleyes. So here we have the start of our Hydrofoam Build. Partly off a plan and partly made up.

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The plans are free from RC Groups plans forum. Paint needed Finished the Hydrofoam tonight, and test run it out in the snow, it’s well fast and skips over the snow like an RC car. F Eagle Park Jet.

Free RC Airplane Plans

I can’t be bothered doing all the high tail stuff, so i got plana base off them plans and mixed it up with a bit of Dave’s Hydro design and got what we got. I wan’t that virtical power that we have seen in the video that’s going around.


Is it a must to keep everything dry? I guess the pages have been overloaded. I would love to have one of these things but to lazy to do all that cutting and stuff. I can get the first two, but “the third” is missing.

I am making fair progress in building gropingand found out what all the parts were for!!! Can someone send me the last page of the hydro foam plans. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I would be interested in having someone email the plans to me as well. Look fwd to your pics.

Grumman X Park Jet Foam free plans. Great glade we made it. There are some plans in the first post of this thread, but I havn’t been able to print them out in full size. Boeing Sonic Cruiser Parkflyer. It’s Easier With Them Locked. Silver, I will see if I can find the original files.

Mixed in the TX. I will probably make some superlight control rods with it too T Talon Park Jet.


Free plans

Thank you sooo much! I ended up finding some in fleet in Brooklyn Park. I see you did all the slots on yours, i didn’t bother with them either, we just cut it flat and glued it, as is. And where did you get the plans?

That hydofoam very generous of you. We found out that the actual size of the plans are standard 24×36 poster size. I know you need three servos.

That is what I liked when I first saw the videos and when I flown my old one too. Glostick Night Flyer Design.

Hydrofoam plans – RC Groups

Used Fanfold and Hot glue. If anyone wants me to laser cut their plane let me know. Maybe it is fine.