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Results 1 – 36 HYSYS Upstream Guide – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) In this Tutorial, two black oil streams at different conditions and. Dear all The Hysys Upstream pdf file in the installed folder doesn’t seem perfect, who has a complete or additional manual for this module? Thanks in advanced. Hi, just wondering if anyone knows where I can get the HYSYS Upstream option? Software Tutorial ยท Process Simulation Community; HYSYS Upstream option.

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HYSYS Upstream Option Guide

This is because there is a large volume and hence the pressure changes more slowly. The case uptsream search option is only available if you are searching by string. Neotec recommends the user to enter two or more viscosity data points. It offers users the flexibility of choosing between the Peng-Robinson PR equation of stateand as well as the Soave-Redlich-Kwong SRK equation of state with both two and three parameters.

To view the profile: To delete the Black Oil Upxtream operation, click the Delete button.

HYSYS disregards the operation until you clear the checkbox. These case studies are located on C: Upstreak the Component Recovery method only the lumped hypothetical components can be delumped. From here you can change the estimation methods, add notes, change the group name and the basic hypothetical component properties.

Click the Normalize button to ensure that the mole fraction sum equals 1. The Sorting Outputs Components for Delumper property view appears. The Multiflash Windows GUI is used to configure a property package for HYSYS Upstream but it can also be used to carry out flash calculations, to plot phase envelopes or to regress model parameters to match experimental measurements.


The simulation case is ready to run in Dynamic mode. Cancel button Lets you exit the Profile Editor property view without accepting the current selection for the profile. If the compositional basis used does not match the data supplied by the OLGA PVT files, then the results of the simulation may be inaccurate.

The black oil translator property view appears. Complete flare system design, rating, and debottlenecking with Aspen Flare System Analyzer for optimal flare system analysis of projects. This can be used to verify the correct communication in a full loop although there will be some lag. Move to the Outlet field by clicking on it, or by pressing TAB. The trends are a single variable value from a certain location within the piping system as a function of time.

The Gas Oil Ratio will be automatically calculated if the volumetric flows of the gas, oil, and water phases are known. At the wellhead, the full compositional breakdown of a fluid is not known, but phase-specific flows and density data are readily available.

The component with the largest molar flow is on the top. Keeping Individual Components You can add individual components from the inlet components list to the output component list. From the list of available unit operations, select Delumper. Click the Remove Kept Hypo button.

A number of different transport property options may be selected along with the thermodynamic models. The PFD property view shows operations and streams and the connections between the objects.


This will bring up a separate dialog box with a Plot. The type of information shown depends on the radio button you have selected in the View group: For now you will leave the settings as default. Negative flowrate cases are not supported for modeling reverse flow. Select MixerOut as the inlet.

Lumped Hypos list of the Inlet group, select the lumped hypothetical component you want to add to the output component list. For more information, refer to Section 7. The Session Preference property view appears.

There are two options: However, a component material balance cannot be maintained. The three phases are: Click in the large text field and type your comments.

Object Palette icon Before proceeding any further, save your case. From the filtered list you can select Neotec Black Oil.

HYSYS Upstream Option Guide |

When the GUI is loaded, a work file name appears in the caption bar. The mixture must include petroleum fraction pseudocomponents for the matching options to work. Outlet Streams group Name column Lets you see and specify the name of the streams exiting out of the Aspen Hydraulics sub-flowsheet. Create a second black oil feed stream, Feed 2 upxtream define it with the following data: Deactivate the Flow spec.

OLGA has its own internal component property representations. Editing a Hypothetical Group 1.