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Water is only heated whenever you need it. The water in the Hygienik is only for heating. This means that your hot water for drinking, washing and rinsing is. Once the entire Hygienik is heated to 60°C, with speed control for plate exchanger pump Osttirol, Austria / · iDM Hygienik product sheet EN. IDM Hygienik Solar MAKING PERFECT USE OF SOLAR ENERGY Hygienik Solar layered storage tank combination The Hygienik Solar principle is simple, yet.

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For more than 20 years, the Hygienik fresh water system from the IDM power family has set its own standards in hygiene: This prevents the fireplace effect and safeguards even more energy savings.

The separate, lower section idn the buffer storage tank for low-temperature heating.

This means that your hot water for domestic use, such as shower and cleaning is always fresh. This prevents the formation of microorganisms such as Legionellae and other bacteria. The tank hyygienik to be combined with a heat source, such as heat pumps, gas heaters or water heating fireplaces.

Its flexibility means it is compatible with any heating system, regardless of whether wood, gas, pellets, solar, heat pump, hyglenik or any combination of different systems; the appropriate connection is available for every system. August – 9: The system stores energy from solar thermal technology and from an additional heat source to heat rooms or provide hot water. A plate heat exchanger station with speed-dependent efficiency pumps brings the heat energy precisely to the temperature level of the matching area.

Hygienik layered storage tank with fresh water technology. It is good to know that the hot water you enjoy is clean. The only water in the storage tank is for heating purposes.


All sorts of germs can accumulate in conventional hot water tanks. Endless possibilities open up, how to squeeze the highest energy efficiency out of a heating system. February – 7: The Hygienik Solar principle is simple, yet ingenious: Hygienik storage tanks are well insulated: Hot water refreshes you when you take your morning shower and relaxes you when you uygienik a hot bath after a long day.

Hygienik Solar buffer

The separate lower section contains the buffer storage hyglenik for low-temperature space heating. The Hygienik service provides fresh hot water in seconds. Sludge and dirt accumulate at the base of the tank — the ideal breeding ground for germs. Here, the hot water stands in the tank for long periods of time. Solar collectors can also be connected to the Hygienik system: The Hygienik system ensures a supply of hot water together with hot gas charging technology HGL.

Hygienik Solar buffer

Hygienic and fresh hot water for your wellbeing. In a special modified version of the tank it can additionally be combined hygieenik a solar thermal system. All manner of germs can accumulate in conventional hot water tanks. Hot water is only heated when you actually need it. The iDM fresh water station an external plate heat exchanger ensures a comforting supply of hygienic hot water in a matter of seconds.

Conventional hot water udm The Hygienik is a 2-in-1 layered storage tank: Our company Eneks Group Engineering offers environmental and energy products and system solutions for heating, cooling and production of sanitary hot water as well as heat pumps and solar systems.

Hot water symbolises purity, but that can be a misconception. Only the actual amount of water required is heated, without storing any hot water. Energy sources, such as oil, iddm, solid fuels, im pumps, solar plants or heat recuperation systems can be applied individually or in combination. The storage tank supplies the heating system with heat at the right irm and as required and covers the hot water demand. The recesses as shown here in the centre are intended for the fresh water station connections or the heating pipes.


Unable to load user with ID: You will soon see: The company Eneks is an official and exclusive representative in the territory of Macedonia of the Austrian companies IDM-Energiesysteme GmbH for heat pumps and Sonnenkraft for solar systems. Monday, 31 December The iDM layered storage tank technology permits to make improved use ifm the heat content and therefore helps to reduce emissions to simultaneously increase the service life of your oil or gas tank.

IDM Hygienik buffer storage tank: The Hygienik buffer tank is a 2-in-1 layer thermal storage system: When the hot water in the hygiebik, basin or sink is switched on, a plate exchanger on the outside of the Hygienik system transfers the heat from the heating water to the drinking water; fast and hygienically. The iDM energy family has been setting its own standards in terms hygiene for more than 20 years with the Hygienik fresh water system: And, above all, hot water symbolises well-being, relaxation and cleanliness.

Hot water refreshes you, when you take your morning shower and relaxes you, when you take a hot bath after a long day. However, this can be a misconception. Downloads Partners Company Contact.