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Deduction Under Section 80C and 80U: Know more about income tax deduction under section 80c, section 80ccc, section 80ccd, section 80ccf, section 80ccg. Section 80U. Deduction for Person suffering from Physical Disability. A deduction of Rs. By reducing the chargeable income, these provisions reduce the tax liability, increase The aggregate amount of deductions under sections 80C to 80U cannot.

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The marketing of agricultural produce grown by its members.

Deductions on Section 80C, 80CCC & 80CCD

From FY a cumulative additional deduction of Rs. The maximum deduction amount available depends on the nature of disability. To claim deduction, you should not own a house either in your name, spouse, minor child or as member of Hindu Undivided Family HUFat the place of employment and at the place of residence.

An individual suffering from disabilities himself is eligible for tax deductions under section 80U. Is there any restriction or maximum limit upto which I can claim a deduction under Section 80E? The book written by you should not be textbooks for school and college.

Tax Deduction | Section 80C: How to claim deductions under section 80C to 80U while filing ITR1

Earlier comment or query on standard deduction. The article gives a detailed understanding on the kinds of disabilities and eligibility for claiming deductions. Deduction under Section 80IA Assessees can uder deductions on profit generated through industrial activities relating to telecommunication, power generation, industrial parks, SEZs, etc.

Therefore, availing a loan from your employer will not entitle you to claim the interest under Section 80E. Tax payer is an individual and he is employed by the central government on or after January 1,or employed by any other person or self employed. Payment made to receive pension in future such as towards pension plans of insurance companies and mutual funds.

If your parents are above 60 years, then maximum deduction will be of Rs 30, However, cash donations made more than Rs 10, are not eligible. The deduction deduciton available for the taxpayer, spouse, dependent children, parent dependent or independent. Section IC deduction is available for assessees who have earned profits from states qualified as special states.


The permitted deduction is Rs 75, under normal disability and Rs 1,25, under severe disability. Section IB Assessees who have earned profits from hotels, shops, multiplex theatres, cold storage plants, housing project, scientific research and development, etc.

It is a safe deposit scheme that offers tax exemptions and attractive interest rates. Email Me This Guide. The premium you have paid on the policy taken for yourself, spouse and children is eligible for a deduction under Section 80D upto a maximum of Rs 25, Section 80DDB covers expenses made for the treatment of specified diseases either on self or a dependent.

In case of single premium health insurance policies having ynder of more than one year, it is proposed that the deduction shall be allowed on proportionate basis for the number of years for which health insurance cover is provided, subject to the specified monetary limit.

Related Guides November 2, Read more on tax deduction. All your tax details will be automatically calculated. Please check your email for guide in PDF format. The deduction that can be txx is Rs 40, If you have made donation in cash, then the maximum limit on deduction is Rs 10, The Maximum Deduction allowed is Rs. If you claim deduction under this section, then any other individual cannot claim deduction on your behalf under section 80DDB as mentioned above, adds Wadhwa.

However, you can claim deduction dfduction to Rs 10, on the interest earned either from your savings bank account or post office savings account or from both.

Section 80CCF was available for Individuals and Hindu Undivided Family and provides tax deductions on subscription of long-term infrastructure bonds notified by the government. The assessee should be a new retail investor as sectoon the requirement specified under the notified scheme.


How to claim deductions under section 80C to 80U while filing ITR1

Interest on loan taken for higher education If you have paid interest in FY on an education loan taken for the higher education i. Deduction under Section IB Section IB Assessees who have earned profits from hotels, shops, multiplex theatres, cold storage plants, housing project, scientific research and development, etc.

Invest in best performing Mutual funds for building long term wealth. If you have not received any lump-sum amount of royalty then deduction will be restricted to ubder percent of the book’s revenue in that year.

Deduction for employer’s contribution to NPS will come here.

It has been proposed to insert a new provision to allow deduction of up to Rs. He has in the previous year deposited any amount in his account under NPS. You can still claim these deductions while e-filing as long as you have the proof with you.

Tax deductions under section 80C allow you to claim a deduction of maximum Rs 1. If you have been a generous soul in the past year, you can save some amount of tax. Deduction under Section 80RRB Deduction available for unver earned by the way royalty for a patent registered on or after Find out how you can claim deductions under section 80gg for rent paid.

Section 80 Deduction : Income Tax Deductions under Section 80C, 80CCD, 80CCC

Home Income Tax 80 Deductions. Section 80GGC allows you deduction on deducction made to political parties. Can I claim 80C deduction for the premium paid? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Your Reason has been Reported to the sction.

I am also paying premium on a medical policy taken in the name of my parents who are above 60 years. The individual should not be an artificial judicial person or a local authority.