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Palma Jose; ROQUE MARIN. FUNDAMENTOS DE INTELIGENCIA ARTIFICIAL. ALVAREZ El trabajo en un mundo de sistemas inteligentes. Vol 14, No 46 (). Special Issue on Workshop de Agentes y Sistemas Inteligentes (WASI) . No 37 (). Special Issue Noveno Simposium Argentino sobre Inteligencia Artificial. Regular Papers PDF. Roque Marín, Isabel Navarrete. [UPV-5] Marín, Roque; Palma, José (editors). INTELIGENCIA ARTIFICIAL Y SISTEMAS. INTELIGENTES. McGraw Hill. (Febrero ).

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Temporal Constraint Satisfaction Problems. Argumentation in Intelligent Agents: Instructor Illhoi Yoo, Ph. Un clasificador de texto por aprendizaje. A study and scalable experimentation. Cuadros Ramos, Ana February, Office: A Collaborative platform intelignecia simulations in virtual laboratories. Basic Design and Advanced Strategies.


Vol 5, No 14 Lexicon Construction for Information Systems. Introduction to the special issue. The obligations and common ground structure of practical dialogues. Reinstatement and Specificty in Argumentation Systems.


April 6, Birth Place: Intergovernmental collaboration Foundedrecommendation of. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Evaluation. Vol 11, No 34 Busqueda bidireccional en dominios discretos y continuos. A defeasible logic programming with extra metalevel information through labels. Luciana Benotti, Ariel Monteserin. Vol 7, No 19 Artificial Intelligence AI techniques to analyze the determinants attributes in housing intelitentes.

January 4, Nacionality: Deliberative DeLP agents with multiple informants.

An approach to the creation of commissions of independent individuals using social networks and genetic algorithms. Vol 1, No 2 Estado Actual y Perspectivas de Futuro.

System for personalized search and distribution of scientific documentation. Metodologias cualitativas aplicadas a los sistemas Socioeconomicos y razonamiento con Intervalos.

Detection of a need in the 90s: Vol 7, No 20 Automatic unteligentes model generation for Interface Agent development. July 1, Place of birth: Guzman Santafe, Jose A.

Task Rescheduling using Relational Reinforcement Learning.

La coordinacion en Sociedades Artificiales de Agentes. Computer Science Department, Federal. Vol 11, No 35 ROC analysis, cost-sensitive learning and model evaluation for decision support.


Several invited lectures at national and foreign institutions: DrivingBots with a Neuroevolved Brain: Application to product and sigmoidal units. Western Michigan Univ Title: Robot Formations as an Emergent Collective Task using. Projection and Interactive Exploration of More information.

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An evolutionary approach to metabolic pathways search. How to manage collaboration in the Collaborative Logic Framework in a webbased adaptive learning environment. Abriendo nuevos caminos en ingenieria del Conocimiento.

Use of concept maps as a Strategy in Teaching Knowledge Engineering. Cluster analysis of genetic algorithms results. Student in More information. Study and Formalization of the Ontology Merging Process. A new closure algorithm based in logic: Adaptive Collaborative Virtual Environments: