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The Intelligent Investor has ratings and reviews. Monica said: Benjamin Graham’s last line in The Intelligent Investor sums up the entire bo. Download Benjamin Graham – Intelligent : Intelligent Investieren () by Benjamin Graham and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now.

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Intelligent Investieren : Der Bestseller über die richtige Anlagestrategie

If you don’t want to spend time, take safe investments, like index funds mutual funds, and blue chip stocks that pay regular dividends. People criticize Graham for advocating market-timing, but really he advocates a form of dollar-cost-averaging, where one increasingly invests in companies that look objectively undervalued when the market goes down, and assuming one doesn’t hold forever divests slowly as the market goes up, if in one’s view one’s individual stocks become over-valued — he does not ingelligent investing or divesting simply because the market goes down or up, one always looks at individual companies.

It’s grhaam that this book is still relevant after so many years. Do you use technical analysis?

A Review of The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham – Modest Money

Benjamin goes on to discuss a breadth of topics in the area of investing including inflation, market fluctuation, portfolio management, stock selection, convertible issues, bonds etc.

The book states every minute aspect of market investments and the author warns the reader from committing judgement errors and emotional mistakes by getting imvestieren with the market values. Staying humble about your forecasting powers, as Graham did, will keep you from risking too much on a view of the future that may well turn out to be wrong.

I didn’t buy Apple in the 80s, either. No earnings deficit in the past 10 years 5. Hope always springs eternal. There are still value plays out there if you look for them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Not only was Ben Graham’s timeless investment advice unassailable, but the commentary’s after each chapter by Jason Zweig were current and refreshing. Never predict stock’s future return by extrapolating from the past solely. Continued dividends for at least the past 20 years 4. He has gotten to where he is by nothing more than diligent value and principle based investing with very little debt I might add.

I will definitely be checking it out asap. This book should be in everyone’s toolkit. Perhaps the most useful insight Graham has is looking at the market not as something rational but as a manic depressive who is going to offer you one price for something on one day and another that is completely different two weeks later; it is up to you to decide the underlying value and figure out when you want to take his offer.

Graham warns against being an emotional investor; he says to invest based on arithmetic, not optimism.

There is little doubt that this book is just rubbish. I kinda disagree with Thomas. Things to look at in a company: Profitability Stability Growth Financial Position.

Benjamin Graham

OK, and honestly, its so much easier to grahxm escapist literature for entertainment! The first 10 chapters were a drag.

You can inte,ligent tell it was written in the pre-Internet era of investing, before people had easy access to mutual funds, ETFs, k s, IRAs, and day trading. Can anyone tell me the books, I should read first in order to go through The Intelligent Investor. I absolutely recommend this book, especially right now.

The advice Graham dispenses advising individuals to be grounded by solid fundamentals and to guard against animal spirits are valid for other life’s adventures.

To be honest, I have never seen such a terrible book.

Most of the times, those help to understand the original text much better. This book is amazing. Meanwhile, how’s that Kodak stock looking? Market as a determining factor in the value of the shares the investor owns. Financial experts have made millions by following these principles and you can too.


Continued dividends for at least the past 20 years. Refresh and try again. Benjamin Graham May 8, — September 21, was an American economist and professional investor. Graham’s philosophy of “value investing” — which shields investors from substantial error and teaches them to develop long-term strategies — has made The Intelligent Investor the stock market bible ever since its original publication in Every day the market also presents us new one-time events that could make us money.

Thanks for the review.

Some notes from chapter Lastly, the book introduces the concept of Margin of Safety. Market seems plausible, but sometimes it is ridiculous. Prior to making huge investments, it is essential to understand the whims of the market. I’m a Boglehead follower of Vanguard founder John Bogleso I invest through broadly diversified, passive index grahqm If you read investing books or magazines, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Benjamin Graham. View all 4 comments. Okay, this is the book to read if iinvestieren are serious about investing in stocks.

So a stock that looks borderline cheap is not good enough. The central Idea that I got from this book is that an Index Stock Fund outperforms other equity funds on a historical basis.

This grahma is packed with wisdom not only for investing but also for life. Estimating value of a stock: But Graham’s advice is still useful and helps remind me that I should seek to be an informed investor and not a speculator.