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Their commitment to innovation through continuous research, development and improvement, has made Intercall the best selling nurse call system in the UK. Nursecall Intercall. Acorn Fire and Security one of the UK’s leading fire alarm equipment suppliers. Nurse Call Systems are the primary emergency call system between patient or resident and caregivers in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and .

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Ashley, many thanks for your prompt action, have a great weekend! Emfit Tonic-Clonic Seizure Monitor.

Individual fuse failure LEDs are mounted on the reverse of the unit and in the event of cable fault, on intervall of the outputs, the ‘spur’ will be isolated without disbaling the entire cable network. It is designed to be completely user-friendly for both staff and patients alike.

You have been a great help.

Intercall NurseCall – Nurse Call Systems UK

Thanks to you and your team. Provides a simple connection to assistive technology devices.

Each unit is fitted with twin ultra-bright LEDs which mimic the reassurance indicator on the call points. Hi Dave, The service and support from Emma and the other staff has been superb and as a new customer purchasing wise I will now be placing all orders with Acorn.

Secondly, a message can be transmitted to a pager or to an IP DECT telephone, providing intercal, which mimics the displays.


Intercall Nursecall 600

The Booster Power Supply unit is designed to increase the permitted number of units and qunatity of cable that an be used on any one system. Please pass on my thanks to Lauren for sorting out my order yesterday, top class service yet again from your team.

Firstly and foremost, it provides a two-way Speech communication with the caller. Thank you very much for the quick turnaround, as this was a big ask in a short space of time. Best Regards, Peter Jackson. The unit will accept inputs from a wide range of triggering devices including pear leads, air switches, pressure mats etc.

It incorporates 3 levels of call i. It connects to the mains supply and incorporates full battery back up to safeguard the system in the event of a mains supply failure.

That was very quick and efficient! We also wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy new year! I must say you are the best.

Hi Lauren, The below parts have just arrived! Any assistance or emergency call on the system will over-ride the standard call tone. The L is used to interface an external device to the Intercall system network.

The Integcall is an Audio call point, which gives the facilty of hands free speech. If you need an audible alarm to attract attention, but don’t need an indication of the call location, the L is the simple solution. Once again many thanks for such a great turnaround. Our site requires cookies to function, click here for more information. A built-in relay provides normally open and normally closed ‘dry’ contacts, which can be used to trigger auxiliary devices.


The phone provides audible and visual indication for ssystem incoming calls from both speech and non speech devices. Nursecall Intercall 3 Metre Extension Cable. Contact us Give us a call or alternatively use our online form. Room Communicator – L The Ls can also be used to monitor several call points for end of corridor indication, or as a ‘follow me’ light.

It also stores the text programming information and can be used to configure the system by simply connecting a laptop computer. Thank you all for your support on this project.

It may also be used to link two independent Intercall systems together to allo signalling, such that an active alarm on one system nurwe a call on the other system and vice versa. It offers complete event recording facilities for the care manager or estate manager. Finally, a fixed IP Desktop telephone is available, which has the ability to dial individual call points, thereby opening a speech path to the patients.

L Power supply for smaller InterCall systems. The Presscall unit can be used as an aid to communication for persons with limite