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A tutorial on using subreports in Jaspersoft’s iReport Designer; example runs several queries each mapping to a different subreport. Feeds · Video. This site. A subreport is a report within a report; thus, providing a way to generate a report that includes data on the target IMSMA item as well as data on other IMSMA. There are a few steps to adding a subreport to iReport. I will do my best to step by step explain. STEPS: 1) Make blank report with the values that will be used as.

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If the expression is a string java.

Create iReport Templates with Subreports – IMSMA Wiki

In this tutorial we want to create an address book printing for each person in the address book the name, the list of phone numbers and the list of email addresses. It is used only when the subreport template needs a database connection during report filling phase.

It is common for a subreport element to be printed more than once or once for each record in the main dataset. Save it to C: Subreport Parameters dialog To configure a parameter you want to pass to the subreport, click Add in the Subreport Parameters dialog to open the Parameter Configuration Dialog box, which lets you set the following: In the next step we can set an expression for the parameter exposed by the subreport.


Default value for attribute calculation is “Nothing”. The key difference is the query used in the subreport.

Create SubReports

Create a subreport — Create and compile a subreport. Parametrize the Jasper file location and create on-the-fly the real absolute path of the file to load. We will add a new field subReportBeanListwhich is irelort java.

It is a very simple report based on the query:. The contents of file C: Finally a second subreport will be used to extract the phone numbers and print them blue portion. The process for creating a report on an item and jreport linked items is similar to the process for creating a report on items with a Location relationship.

The cache works only if the subreport expression type is Stringbecause that string is used as key for the cache. ValueExpression — JasperReports expression for the parameter. For example, an education may have education details such as the education type, total audience, and percentage of women and men.

Subreports with Jaspersoft iReport Designer | Jaspersoft Community

The following options are available:. This time the query will be:. The following options are available: Where you see the field “Parameters”.

A master subreporrt will be used to select the persons from the address book and render the main page and the person details.


How to add subreport using ireports? Please anyone can help me.

This ireprt because we cannot supply both a data source and a connection to the subreport. I have added the subreport for the main report to print the values of invoice id,duedate and total by taking the details from invoice db table. However, we recommend that you set the dimensions of the Subreport element to the dimensions of the suhreport to best visualize the layout of the final report.

Connection Expression or Datasource Expression — Defines how to feed the object with data. This is the most common case. Save it to directory C: Integer and set a default value, i. Subreports help us keep report designs simple, as we can create many simple reports and encapsulate them into a master report.

Examples of other subreport relationships include:. For JasperReports to retrieve data and fill the subreport, you have to set the subreport data source. In this way the database connection will be passed to the subreport to let it execute its SQL query.