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In this short tutorial we have seen how to invoke IronRuby methods from C# Comments on the topic are highly appreciated for the improvement of the topic. I wanted to have a little walk-through on getting IronRuby up and running. This tutorial may go a little slow, but I wanted to make sure that it is. Learning Ruby via IronRuby and C# Part 1. by Justin Etheredge on July 21, . This post was migrated from Justin’s personal blog, ” Views.

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IronRuby can be downloaded as a zip package.

IronRuby tutorial

It may help to have the WPF documentation handy when working through this example. Some people enjoy simply assuming namespaces and forgetting about them, regardless of the language they’re using. Tell us what you think. This code represents a solitary window of indeterminate size.

Subscribe to our industry email notices? Comments on the topic are highly appreciated for the improvement of the topic. Get the most out of the InfoQ experience. When you have the correct framework, we can move on and install IronRuby. Thank you for participating in the discussion. For example, you wrote this article on Iron Python, without much of an explanation.

You’ll see that all that’s needed to assign a block of code to be triggered on an event is to provide that block to the method of the name of the event as it is known to the CLR. Run method takes a Window as it’s argument. To refactor the style of the above example, I could place the following at the top of my Clock class:.


Update company size to: Another way to DRY up your IronRuby code and deal with these very long names that occur frequently in the. The very first thing we need to do is to add the dlls as show below. You need to do so only to contribute to the IronRuby code. Update Company name to: NET objects, but you’re doing it with the standard Ruby.

You may use the add method to subscribe multiple handlers to that event – pushing that to the end of a queue. Contains license files, release notes, and the package readme file. Virtualization for System Programmers. Related Sponsor Enhance your end-user experience by optimizing your application performance.

The ability to just provide a block of code as an event handler gutorial IronRuby towards a concept that irronruby important to a good dynamic language; yutorial ceremony — reducing the amount of boilerplate code.

Now tuutorial using IronRuby – unlike my previous post where we took pure Ruby code and ran it through irthe IronRuby interpreter, to demonstrate compatibility. In traditional Cfor instance, you may subscribe to an event assign a block of code to execute when an event occurs in one of two ways: Whether you’re tutoriql a document, video, a data entry form, some kind of data visualisation which I am most hopeful for, especially in terms of IronRuby – more on that later or chaining all of the above with some flashy animations, you’re likely to find that WPF gives you what you need when developing any of these for a Windows target.

Objects defined in XAML can be either named for later reference, or anomymous our Rectangle is named ‘mySquare’, whereas the TextBlock has not been given a name. Articles Quick Answers Messages. You need to Register an InfoQ account or Login or login to post comments. NET implementation of the Ruby language — but there wasn’t much to it!


My vote of 1 Nagy Vilmos Oct 3: NET namespaces and Ruby modules. Neither original nor informative.

Building a WPF Application in IronRuby

My vote of 1 AxelM Oct NET application development using IRuby is a breeze. Related Resources Store Articles Blogs. Oleg Shilo Oct Ironuby not the only collection of libraries in the framework with the power to do this — Windows Forms does the trick, too — but WPF is useful when you need to employ eye candy and create impact.

You can also address named controls like so:. View an example Enter your e-mail address. The last line i. Something worth a 2 at last out of the junk thats been put up today by u. The folder you choose will be referenced as the IronRuby installation folder throughout this book. May 25, 12 min read by Edd Morgan.

Tutlrial I love clean code, there’s a certain feeling of safety that comes with the terse explicitness of long-winded addressing and the describing of objects as opposed to ambiguity not unlike this sentence.

Chapter Using IronRuby from C#/ – IronRuby Unleashed [Book]

Whether it’s a named method or an anonymous chunk o’ code, the block you delegate to the handling of an event can take arguments – commonly, a sender object and some args. The main thing of note is, of course, the very irlnruby parallels between. Be aware, however, that this can be done only if you have administrative privileges.