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Skagboys [Irvine Welsh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Prequel to the best-selling phenomenon Trainspotting, this exhilarating and. Buy Skagboys (Trainspotting) by Irvine Welsh (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. BEFORE TRAINSPOTTING CAME SKAGBOYS The Number One Bestseller Mark Renton has it all: he’s good-looking, young, with a pretty girlfriend and a bright.

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The book directly or indirectly touches on all aspects of the world of heroin during the Thatcher years, with the focus being on the core of working class lads from Leith. Alison befriends Maria and delivers her to her family in Nottingham. InWelsh said the prequel was actually initially written as part of Trainspotting but was not used in the published version.

Renton and Sick Boy are igvine junk, while Nicksy is tidying up, trying to forget Marsha. He then goes to his mother’s new place and is horrified to find that his father has moved back in.

Swanney gives him a fix in the toilet. What you get is something quite different. There are also passages presented in the third person. Always feels a bit of a cop-out when artists go-back to previous successes rather than keeping up fresh new material but what the hell.

I would treat Skagboys as the extras on the Director’s Cut DVD, albeit a set of extras that is over three-times the length of the original feature! He finds Renton and their principal concern is their flat being full of drugs and what would happen if it got searched. Confused and angry, Maria stays alone in the house and, with Sick Boy’s help, plots revenge on Dickson.

No, but Trainspotting was an original and we’ll never have the same rush again as that first hit of Welsh.

Skagboys – Wikipedia

It ends up with Renton narrating; he’s been skiving on the car deck, smacked out. So despite the fact that chronologically its set before Trainspotting, I would advise those new to Renton, Sick Boy et.


The second visitor is the professional drugs counselor Amelia McKerchar, who informs Spud that she’s here to help him. Irvine Welsh is also known for writing in his native Edinburgh Scots dialect, making his prose challenging for the average reader unfamiliar with this style. It could have done a disservice to Trainspotting, one of my favourite books of my youth. Only in some sections does he hit the confident, precise tone of Trainspottingin which casually deployed official English collides with the vernacular: However, they fall foul of violent, ex-cop pub landlord Dickson, and are expelled from the bar.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Not as jovial as ‘Porno’ but with some fabulous gallows humour in places and when he tries, Mr Welsh describes his home town of Edina with a wonderfully bleak turn of phrase. I should prefix this short review with a disclaimer that I’m a huge Welsh fan-boy and am probably incapable of writing anything totally subjective about this book. The police come, but Renton’s more concerned about the drugs in the fridge.

During an Aberdeen University field trip to Europe, Renton begins a sexual relationship with his classmate Fiona. Nae wonder; aw he sees in front ay um is this mingin cunt, twitchin n spazzin oan this hard seat in the interview room.

So yes, it’s a prequel to Trainspotting, featuring characters that should be familiar to fans of the earlier book or its cinematic adaptation. This is a complicated judgement though because For the purposes of this review I decided to read Skagboys, Trainspotting and Porno one after another to get a true feel for the quality of irvinf.

After SkagboysI really want to read Trainspotting all over again. At the hospital, she witnesses her mother’s death from cancer but has to get away from her grieving family. Hazel is present and he iirvine to choose between her and the drug. The 20 Books I Read In He begins keeping secrets from Fiona as he indulges in the skag.

I completely fell in love with Fiona and ooohh Alison! They flee back to Leith in triumph, but on their return, Davie tells Tommy that Renton has gone away with Matty, presumably in search of heroin. He receives an invitation to Joanne and Bisto’s wedding, and recalls the sordid reality when he saw Joanne off to Paisley at the end of the European holiday.


Order by newest oldest recommendations.

There is much to be said about this book, but I don’t know that I am the one to say any of it, welsu if I even want to try. While Renton accompanies Begbie, Spud, Tommy and Keezbo to a Leith pub to watch the Euro 84 final, eighteen-year-old Samantha Frenchard comes in and accuses Begbie of getting her pregnant. Alison struggles with the death of her mother.

All of his novels are set in his native Scotland and filled with anti-heroes, small time crooks and hooligans. Aug 18, Sam rated it it was amazing. Be warned, though – as with all the author’s works, irvinf is definitely NOT for the faint of heart.

Skagboys by Irvine Welsh – review

There is mass unemployment, families are breaking up and there is a general we,sh of despair among the young working class kids in Leith. Want to Read itvine. There are tensions between him and the rest of the family as funeral preparations are made, but they are dissipated when Fiona arrives and charms the family. A quality read, likeasay catboy: Spud goes down to the lock-up to do some unloading for Matty, but suddenly comes over ill and collapses in the street.

Junk Dilemmas 3 – Narrated by Renton from an interrogation in the police station. There are even reruns of famous passages from the previous novel, including a minor-key reprise of Renton’s “choose life” rant about how he doesn’t want a nine-to-five and a mortgage. He said, urvine just went through it and started writing on the basis of what was there, getting inspired by what I was reading and chopping bits out and putting bits in.