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ISO. Fifth edition. Fluid power systems — O-rings —. Part 1: Inside diameters, cross-sections, tolerances and designation. The ISO Size Code for these O-Rings is the same as the AS dash number. Class B allows production of O-Rings in technically. BS Dimensions of toroidal seals (O-rings) and their housing sizes (inch sizes); BS ISO Fluid power systems – O-rings Part 1: Inside diameters.

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By using our website you consent to our use of cookies, some of which may have already been set on your device. Document Centre For industry or application. British Standard BS which are imperial sizes or metric sizes. American National Standard Aerospace size standard for O-rings Although the basic range is in inches, the O-rings can of course be used for sealing metric dimensioned components.

O-rings and all other seals work by creating positive pressure against a surface thereby preventing leaks. Revised – Inside diameters, cross sections, tolerances and designation codes: For this reason, an O-ring can easily seal high pressure as long as it does not fail mechanically.

Also, in Class B, the five standard cross sections are replaced with a table of tolerances using a formula.

BS 1806, BS ISO 3601-1 and SAE AS 568 O-rings

Other failures can be lso by using the wrong size of ring for a specific recess, which may cause extrusion of the rubber. Our continual investment programs enable us to apply the latest control and inspection techniques. When squeezed upon installation, they seal with 4 contact surfaces—2 small contact surfaces on the top and bottom. O-rings come in a variety of sizes. Search all products by. Career Opportunities Vacancies and apprenticeships.


Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. Please see the talk page for more information. The rubber industry has gone through its share of transformation after the accident. Several other size specifications also exist.

Accept and continue Learn more about isso cookies we use and how to change your settings. Instead, higher mounting forces are used 360-1 the ring fills the whole groove. This contrasts with the standard O-ring’s comparatively larger single contact surfaces top and bottom. Although the basic range is in inches, the O-rings can of course be used for sealing metric dimensioned components. With our expertise we can closely define and control seal tolerances and surface characteristics.

Please select your Country: Chemical attack can degrade the material, start brittle cracks or cause it to swell.

Click to learn more. Nano-technology -rubber is one such new frontier. The shape can have different profiles, an x-shaped profile, commonly called the X-ring, Q-ring, or by the trademarked name Quad Ring. Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance.

Retrieved 9 April View our Cookie Policy to learn more. Retrieved from ” https: The first patent for the O-ring, is dated May 12, as a Swedish patent. Society of Automotive Engineers SAE Aerospace Standard AS [13] specifies the inside diameters, cross-sections, tolerances, and size identification codes dash numbers for O-rings used in sealing applications and for straight thread tube fitting boss gaskets.

The use of nano-PTFE in fluoroelastomers and perfluoroelastomers improves abrasion resistance, lowers friction, lowers 3601–1and can act as clean filler. On Chart 50 in our O-ring guidethe reference numbers highlighted in red indicate those sizes covered by: Similar devices with a non-round cross-sections are called sealspackings or gaskets.

Many O-rings now come with batch and cure date coding, as in the medicine industry, to precisely track and control distribution. This twists the O-ring as the sealed device is cycled and finally causes a series of deep spiral cuts typically at a 45 degree angle on the surface of the seal. You 36011- experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or O-ring selection is based on chemical compatibility, application temperature, sealing pressure, lubrication requirements, durometersize and cost.


BS , BS ISO and SAE AS O-rings

O-rings can be produced by extrusioninjection moldingpressure molding or transfer molding. Spiral Failure — Found on long-stroke piston seals and — to a lesser degree — on rod seals. News Desk Case studies, images and news. You may find similar items within these categories by selecting from the choices below:. On account of this, NASA technicians performed an inspection.

O-rings can, if needed, be recalled off the shelf. Now two parts have been added to the standard that define these, while still in revision is a section on elastomer materials. However, the temperature of the kso O-rings remained significantly lower than that of the surrounding air. These precision o-ring tolerances apply to NBR 70 compounds.

In the Superior o-ring size list, the internal diameters conform to ISO tolerances and the cross section diameter has a reduced tolerance.

On the night before the launch, exceedingly low air temperatures were 360-11.

O-ring – Wikipedia

Presently, these advancements are increasing the importance of O-rings. There are cottage industries of elastomer consultants assisting in designing O-ring-less pressure vessels. Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. Please download Chrome or Firefox or view our ios tips. New – Housing dimensions for general applications: