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La légende raconte qu’à Bagdad la magnifique, un grand vizir répondant au nom d’Iznogoud, particulièrement mal intentionné, cultive. Bibliographie dans Pilote de la BD Calife Haroun el Poussah. Le calife Haroun el Poussah et le grand vizir Iznogoud dans Pilote. à retrouver vos BD Iznogoud sur le WEB 45, RC 2p, Les retours d’Iznogoud ou comment le grand vizir, après avoir été rivé, est arrivé, loin de la rive, à ne.

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A magician shows Iznogoud iznogoid magic bowl; when two people drink from it, they switch bodies. The Prix Iznogoud Iznogoud Award was created in and is given each year to “a personality who failed to take the Caliph’s place”, chosen among prominent French figures who have recently known spectacular failures.

A sailor named Cimbal tells Iznogoud of an island with giants, where Iznogoud hopes to dispose of the Sultan. However, a piece is missing, forcing Iznogoud to get a new one from the factory. Iznogoud buys a magic pencil and paper that will make anyone drawn on it disappear when the paper is torn in half.

A magic salesman sells Iznogoud a magical device known as a “computer” that can answer any question. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. Iznogoud is met by an alien exploration team whom he hopes will dispose of the sultan with their zapper pistol, only to get zapped himself.

However, a series of incidents kznogoud the iznogooud of water available to a thimbleful, which Iznogoud touches when he prepares to mend a iznogoux in his clothes. Iznogoud gets the Sultan to board the ship of an unlucky sailor, but he and Adulahf also come on the voyage. However, the traps fail to work as planned, and eventually Iznogoud and Adulahf end up stuck in a pit with a tiger while the Sultan returns iznogodu. References to this work on external resources.

Information from the Spanish Common Knowledge. He’s even kept a journal of his previous failed attempts. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The grand vizier’s attempts to get the Sultan to brush his teeth with it end with Iznogoud himself covered in the contents of the tube.

Then the joke shop owner lznogoud the original missing piece and delivers it to the Sultan, who says he’s always thinking of Iznogoud as he puts the piece in and causes the vizier to disintegrate.


Archived from the original on 26 January Goscinny’s taste for sharp satirical writing keeps the repetitive format of the stories constantly fresh, making Iznogoud one of the most popular anti-heroes in the French comic strip world. Iznogoud is introduced to a merchant who looks like the Sultan apart from a black eye Adulahf gave him.

Iznogoud hires the Wizard De Jacqual to scrawl a hop scotch which would age regress the Sultan, but so many people go on the hop scotch turning into squabbling children, including Iznogoud himself. Iznogoud’s attempt to erase the Sultan’s memory makes other people amnesiac and eventually himself.

In another episode, Iznogoud gets a magical drawing paper set that makes anybody or anything drawn on it disappear once the paper is torn apart. Retrieved from ” https: Iznogoud drags the Sultan on a vacation to a seaside resort, where he tries various ways to get rid of him: Iznogoud purchases a Chippendale styled magic Hideaway Bed hoping to make the Sultan vanish, but the plan is interrupted by a visit from a foreign ambassador and a drink of Turkish coffee.

Iznogoud makes the sultan look like a tyrant in the city and lures him outside dressed as a beggar to overthrow him. When his attempts fail, he tries again when Sultan Streetcar makes a reciprocal state visit, but gets into trouble of his own. The Sultan lets his first cup go cold and blows on his second cup to cool it, so that when he and Iznogoud are set upon by bandits, it only remains hot for long enough for the Sultan to float away back to the palace, while the hiccuping vizier is captured.

His henchman Adulahf has better luck when he puts on the amulet and finds himself Sultan. The vizier, his henchman, and their camel head back to Baghdad to fetch the Sultan and send him on the road to get rid of him, only to discover they have taken the road to nowhere after a strange journey that leads them back to the crossroads.

In a game was produced by Infogrames entitled Iznogoud. Become a LibraryThing Author. The two giants send the Sultan back home and use Iznogoud and Adulahf as chess pieces. In another episode, Iznogoud gets a magical calendar that lets him travel in time when he rips off its pages.

Iznogoud sur le WEB

An Indian fakir teaches Iznogoud a magic spell to send any carpet on a one-way journey to China, but Iznogoud keeps getting the spell wrong.

Iznogoud enlists the services of a genie who can dissolve anyone who touches the water in which he lives, and he and Adulahf transport him by bucket back to Baghdad. A Chinese wizard sells Iznogoud a magic flute; one tune changes the listener into a dog, another changes them back.


This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Iznogoud is supported by his faithful servant, Wa’at Alahf. Iznogoud gets trapped along with Adulahf with no way out, while the Sultan is able to escape through a second poster unnoticed by Iznogoud. Iznogoud enjoys his stay until he realises the opposites are more against him than with him.

Iznogoud V.1 Le Grand Vizir Iznogoud – European Comicsto read online

A revolt ruins Iznogoud’s plans altogether. Wikipedia in English None. Before Iznogoud can cause an avalanche on iznogkud Sultan the Magic Weatherman melts all the snow.

However, Pullmankar never gets angry with the caliph, only with Iznogoud.

Excludes The Picnic and Chop and Change. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Sidecar foils this plan with a genie who answers all of Iznogoud’s questions correctly, but when Iznogoud mentions wanting to be Sultan instead of the Sultan, Sidecar is intrigued, and Iznogoud teaches bc all about overthrowing a ruler.

Inevitably, Iznogoud’s attempts to get one of the Sultan’s hairs lznogoud fail, and it is his own hair that ends up in the doll when it is thrown high into the air and falls to the ground.

When he cannot sniff any scandal involving the Sultan, Iznogoud persuades him to plant a fake story about the Sultan having iznoguod forsaken child. The plan ultimately fails when it rains.

Views Read Edit View history. Iznogoud accompanies the Sultan on a visit to Sultan Streetcar trying to start a scandal. Today is election day and Iznogoud intends to become sultan with the help of Smart Alec the magician and a support team, but a rival group led by the yogi Iron-Nail are opposing.

Unfortunately, she turns the Sultan into a clone iznogoue Iznogoud instead, and then turns both Iznogouds back into Sultans.

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