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High-performance SAE J software based protocol stack. Complete J source code is provided. Get on the Bus: J and J Vehicle Bus Standards on established protocols that vary based on vehicle manufacturer, vehicle model. J defines the physical layer, which are the hardware (wiring) and basic protocol that is needed for J and J to transmit messages.

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The maximum allowed bus access time is 50 microseconds. Also, in CAN, part way through transmitting the message the transmitter releases the bus for 1 bit time and receiving nodes are supposed to send an ACK bit.

J networks do not use bus termination. The original standard is recognized by two designators: Characters are transmitted in the common 8N1 format.

J and J Vehicle Bus Standards | Omnitracs

And you can not build a large canbus without repeaters. J and J Vehicle Bus Standards.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Common application and transport layers used on J are J and J This page was last edited on 29 Aprilat However, it is not an RS physical layer, but a closly rembling RS with some modification, any how it is common mode current loop and not a voltage driver. It also added the option for a second CAN connection for proprietary data networks.


The last byte of every message is the two’s complement of the MID and data contained in the message.

It uses 8, N, 1 byte n1708 and has a network speed of bits per second bps. The J device driver was designed by Simma Software and has been used in numerous automotive embedded systems.

J1587 / J1708 Network Operation and Testing

A logic 0 is when B is 0. Views Read Edit View history. I’m afraid it is “users, help yourselves” here, and unfortunately, not many regular posters are working on CAN. There are numerous CAN forums on the web. This method allows multiple devices to share the bus without the need for a single master node. I have the protocl feeling about this forum, “no moderaters involved” there are so many questions about CAN. So even if you got past all the problems with the bit stuffing and ACK, there’s no way you could capture all the J data.

Still called a Deutsch plug, this one was changed to 9-pins.

j1708 and CAN

If you have any questions, please contact us at http: So even if you got past the bit-stuffing, the receiver could trash the message being sent, and would miss one of the bits. Although I can answer some questions about CAN, I am by now means an expert and have only used it for about eight months. For bytes to be considered as part of a message, the time between bytes is not allowed to exceed 2 bit times.


SAE J and J are different on software and hardware. I would have to question the “all the other threads” comment. Technical and de facto standards for wired computer buses.

Posts from Microchips FAE’s are very few and far between. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

SAE J – Wikipedia

It is important to note, that the transceiver should not be used in active mode which is normally used for RS networks.

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Below is the list of available ports.