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The Body has ratings and 29 reviews. Elizabeth said: Carl told me I’d love this, that it was the perfect time for me to read it. And I did, and it wa. Jenny Boully (born ) is the author of The Book of Beginnings and Endings ( Sarabande Books, ), The Body: An Essay and [one love affair]* (Tarpaulin. The primary text is dead and gone and the subterranean text is full of dead authors: Jenny Boully’s notes collect fragments from literary and.

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Over the fire escape, the dress fluttered in the misdirected wind. Goully it also leaves you impressed at the skill and handle Boully has over her words.

I’m completely in love with Jenny Boully. Mar 23, Evan rated it really liked it.

Some other transaction they are so busy annotating all night long. It’s poetry and autobiography and essay and confessional and reference material. The entire book is an alias to itself.

The Body: An Essay by Jenny Boully

Views Read Edit View history. For months, we were inseparable in the bathroom, but then, we became brave and decided to look for our holes, and if the spider did in fact come out we would kill it. The texts themselves are essayistic, except that they are all fictional. My library Help Advanced Book Search. A friend of everyone is a friend of jenny one.

Jenny Boully

One quality of a good artist, I think, is the ability to recognize the elements of his artform that he’s weakest at and then construct his style so that he doesn’t have to face them If you forgot her name, wait out a turn. Apr 04, Melanie Page rated it it was ok. I’m bodt I’m boullt responsible for figuring out where in the bookstore to shelve it.


The Autobiography of Red.: The Body demands that we rethink the implications of evocation — what happens when something stands in place of something else, whether that thing be a mentor, a monument, or a missive? Refresh and try again. Dreams themselves are footnotes. The idea of an entire essay expressed without the essay is something close hody if not sheer brilliance, and it’s also amazing to me just how much Boully trusts the reader to then, in their own minds, replace the narrative that isn’t blatantly written down.

Interesting, perhaps, but since the footnotes themselves are already complex and various, an anchoring sense of center, of foundation, would be helpful. An Essay is an exercise in the stripped-down economics of the page and the poem: Oct 07, Kyle rated it it was amazing.

Jul 13, Sabrina rated it really liked it. Published March 1st by Essay Press first published This may be with me a while. Confronted with such a puzzle, the smart reader will begin to make demands: Jul 27, Michelle rated it it was amazing. Slowly, the reader notices thematic connections and the shadow of a narrative arc.

The reader gets, essentially, the body, the outlines, of some person, but every section leaves much interpretation up to the reader, and her or his famili Boully’s book is a fantastic formal narrative of footnotes with esoteric post-modern references and other MFA-worthy things. It did remind me of David Foster Wallace, who does a superb job of playing with boullt via footnotes.


Jan 13, Nicole Lynn rated it it was amazing. Apr 24, Aaron rated it liked it. AN ESSAY continues to challenge conventional notions of plot and narrative, genre and form, theory and practice, unremittingly questioning the presumptive boundaries between reflection, imagination, and experience. In the cathedral, the font was never so wanton, hhe it liked that dipping of fingers again and again, and the candles were so whorish in their sharing of flames.

But the daydream is mostly folly; Boully is not concerned with what the text might be doing, but what it is doing. Learn more about the author here. Is this book going to poke a hole in my idea of a book?

I want to know her because she wants me to know her so badly but then she plays hard to get and while I love games the game has to be either well played or fresh to get my attention.