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Jerry Brainum I’m Jerry Brainum. You may recognize my name from the hundreds of research-based articles I’ve written for bodybuilding and fitness magazines. The latest Tweets from Jerry Brainum (@JerryBrainum). Editor-in-Chief, Applied Metabolics newsletter. Science writer for over 40 years. Venice, CA. Home Tags Jerry Brainum. Tag: Jerry Brainum. video ยท Originals WATCH: Jerry Brainum Talks About If You Can Out Train A Bad Diet. October 2,

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Here, you stand to the side of the pulley and row across your body rather than directly in front as in jergy two-hand version. No suggestion was given for the women not responding.

This exercise is the cure. My mission is to show you what works and why.

Supplements That Work – Supplements that Work

The Applied Ergogenics blog is a collection of articles written and published by Jerry Brainum over the past 40 years. It’s best to use this exercise as a finishing pump movement, but it can also be used to pre-exhaust the lats first.

There are thousands of blogs written every day by self-appointed experts, but most of whom have little academic or practical experience jedry any consequence. I strongly suggest that you subscribe today, and read each issue start to finish. I have no doubt that this new edition of AMN will be similarly avant-garde, highlighting future trends in sports supplements and other items related to fitness and nutrition. You can add weight, thus applying new levels jerrry stress to the muscle.

Jerry’s “in the trenches” background with many bodybuilding greats, combined with his braibum research makes every other source obsolete.

EXCLUSIVE: Jerry Brainum Joins Generation Iron Fitness Network As Chief Editor | Generation Iron

AMN will also be a reliable source of information about ergogenic aids, both nutrition-based and pharmacological. Jerry was called to my room and got me squared away.


Jerry reads them, and fully understands what they say. I’ve had over 5, magazine articles published under my own name and various pen names. It will help make your lat-spread pose look more impressive. From that day on, I never looked at Jerry in the same way.

Jerry is like a walking encyclopedia, or more like a human incarnation of Google. Allow me to introduce myself. He’s been involved in our sport in an important way since day one. If you are serious about your bodybuilding, Jerry’s newsletter will provide you with the information that you need to build your championship physique. Any reprinting in any type of media, including electronic and foreign is expressly prohibited and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law including being charged fees everyday.

Advertising, particularly from food supplement companies, is the life blood of magazines. A third option is changing exercises. When I first began bodybuilding, I asked Jerry questions concerning the best ways to train to make muscular gains. Jerry will feed your head, so you can feed yourself for progress. Before we get to the actual movements, let’s hear from a few of the champs. I’ve won several writing awards, jerty. Tom Platz once remarked that he couldn’t make real progress in his back training until he developed a “full sensory awareness” of each exercise.

In the top contracted position try to squeeze the shoulder blades together. While performing this exercise, imagine your arms as being frozen, or stiff, and let the traps do all the work, up till the peak contraction at the top, brianum you can hold and squeeze strongly by bending at the elbows slightly. Jerry always provided me with useful brainuum that did help me to progress in my bodybuilding career. If you want to make every mouthful,set, rep or protein shake count, read anything by Jerry.



You won’t need a graduate science degree to read this publication. It’s done by lying prone face down on a high bench. Give them a try if you’ve reached a training rut.

If you are serious about your training, if you are serious about your profession in the fitness and sports fields, you will need this publication. Want to know the truth about them? In contrast, Applied Metabolics Newsletter although written in simple English, supplies solid, evidence-based science that is easily understood. A complete arsenal for back-training variety.

After talking with him, it soon became apparent that his knowledge of nutrition and exercise was incomparable. Just after winning the Mr. While heavy weights are essential to acquire large muscles, form must never be sacrificed for sheer weight. Here are some of what it includes:.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jerry Brainum for over 30 years. The advantage here jrery the increase range of motion possible by using dumbbells.

One of the first people that I met was Jerry Brainum. In an industry of me-too hacks mouthing the same crap that’s decades old, Jerry is the only person whose work that I read. And I like the fact that he has “Brain” right there, in black and white, in his name! The so-called “overnight sensations” in bodybuilding have all been busting it for years. Again, the neuromuscular system senses the newly perceived stress and accommodates by muscular jerr growth.