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Regular IRON MAN readers know the name Jerry Brainum well. He’s IM’s go-to nutrition-science guru who has his thumb on—no, make that. If you are looking to build muscle safely with natural anabolics then look no further. Below is a free ebook by Jerry Brainum called, “Natural Anabolics”. This Jerry Brainum is the author of Natural Anabolics ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews), Does Eating Fruit Make You Fat? ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 re.

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Allow me to introduce myself.

Cell culture studies had previously shown that leucine exerts a partitioning effect, diverting energy from being stored in fat to being burned in muscle. The difference is that the essential amino acids, of which there are nine, must be supplied in the diet, while the unessential aminos can be synthesized from the essential amino acids and other nutrients. brianum

Jerry reads them, and fully understands what they say. I was the science editor of Muscle and Fitness magazine for 10 years; editor-at-large at Flex magazine for 8 years.

Jerry Brainum’s Natural Anabolics – Forums

I ntural read or talk to anyone I choose, I choose Jerry. Adiponectin is a ‘white-hat’ fat. Other studies in colder temperatures suggests that growth hormone release, which may be increased during exercise is blunted. In fact a new study turned up that effect.

Natural Anabolics

I’ve been involved in bodybuilding for many years, starting at the teenage level up to the professional ranks. The analysis and Application of Biomechanics in Resistance Exercise. I first met Jerry branium the early 80s,when he submitted a couple of articles for Sports Fitness magazine.

I’ve had over 5, magazine articles published under my own name and various pen names. Oxidation often produces excess inflammation, which is associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other brain ills. Here are some of what it includes:. After three decades of producing hits, little impresses me. I strongly suggest that you subscribe today, and read each issue start to finish. For this reason, it’s good to have someone with the expertise and integrity of Jerry Brainum.


I wound up speaking with him quite a bit,and he provided help to me in the most sophisticated manner. In addition, the natugal boosted by 67 percent levels of adiponectin, a fat-cell protein associated with reduced inflammation and increased insulin sensitivity.

Looking at it another way, there is a minimal threshold of leucine in a meal that promotes aanbolics protein synthesis. Just a few years ago nitric oxide was an obscure substance known only to medical researchers. S” answer, you ask Jerry Brainum. Straight Facts By Jerry Brainum. If you want to make every mouthful,set, rep or protein shake count, read anything by Jerry.

I would like to thank Jerry for what he’s done for me and our sport of bodybuilding. The effect may be more potent in mice, as they have more of the highly thermogenic brown adipose tissue than humans.

About Jerry Brainum

The researchers argue for an anabolic effect from applied heat directly to muscle, due to activating an insulin-related anabolic signaling pathway which augments muscle size and strength. Human studies with garlic show that it reduces the workload on the heart during exercise and reduces peak heart rate, which points to less heart stress during vigorous exercise.

Jerry Brainum is unique jeerry writers because he has the ability to bridge the gap between highly technical medical natual nutritional information, yet can interpret and translate that often esoteric information into a form that is both understandable and readable to anyone, regardless of science background.

The fat loss is related to an uptick in the activity of thermogenic proteins that turn fat calories into heat. The sulfur compounds in garlic have been showing clinical studies to lower elevated blood lipids, such as cholesterol, provide antioxidant activity and lower elevated blood glucose, which may help prevent diabetes.


Jerry refused to charge me for this consultation, saying,”You are Reg Park’s ahabolics, so it is my pleasure.

Since the early 80s, I helped pioneer the first creatine food supplement, antural amino acid supplements, milk peptides, unflavored original Muscle Milk, pet products, and more.

I have known Jerry Brainum for 44 years.

He gave me the edge when it came to preparing for competitions by providing me with vital information related to training and nafural. His knowledge on the inner workings of the body, along with supplementation, including how to best use these powerful nutrients to build muscle and burn fat, has helped my journey to the winner’s circle to be a frequent one.

When working with professional boxers, Jerry was able to help them make their weight limit without ever resorting to the extreme methods often used for the same purpose.

Until recently, scientists believed that BAT disappeared after infancy, after keeping newborns at the right temperature. My success as a competitive world champion came from the information written in this book. You have a very large fan club! BAT, unlike the usual white adipose tissue found all over the body, is highly thermionic due to the presence of increased mitochondria and the chemical ‘uncoupling’ of certain proteins there.