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Das verlorene Paradies has ratings and reviews. Agir(آگِر) said: از خود کتاب زیاد لذت نبردم ولی توضیحات مترجم در مورد اطلاعات تاریخی و مذهب. Find Das Verlorene Paradies by Milton, John at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. – Buy Das Verlorene Paradies Großuck book online at best prices in India on Read Das Verlorene John Milton: Das verlorene Paradies.

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What makes Biblio different? I really liked the parts I liked, but since I had to really force myself to pick up the book each time I did I can’t justify three stars. There is no denying that this book is a long and difficult read. Das verlorene Paradies John Milton As these are old books, we processed each page manually and make them readable but in some cases some pages which are blur or missing or black spots.

I also wonder how long he slept because when he wakes up Eve is the same as him, or was it that because god created her specifically for Adam that they had to be that same. The poetry was beautiful and I enjoyed the metaphors, but I couldn’t take Milton’s contempt against women very easily.

I could only handle about 20 pages a day. Is this why the serpent spoke to Eve.

Das Verlorene Paradies

A relationship with God is only meant for men, and Woman’s relationship with God can only be mediated by Man’s relationship with God. But I did enjoy reading Milton’s version of the devil, he was a fascinating yet horrendous character! It tells the story of the Fall of Man, a tale of immense drama and excitement, of rebellion and treachery, of innocence pitted against corruption, in which God and Satan fight a bitter battle for control of mankind’s destiny.


Definitely a strange way to respond to allegory.

Das Verlorene Paradies by Milton, John

I can see why this work has provoked extreme positive and negative reactions in readers and critics. What way of seeing! There’s nothing “barbaric” about it, and in English the glories of meter and rhythm are weak without rhyme. I did plod through this epic poem because I thought I had been missing something. Biblical tales, or retellings like this one, don’t make any sense even when read as a piece of fantasy literatur This is doubtlessly a literary masterpiece I wasn’t able to read the original text and had to rely mostly on joyn retelling, as my English isn’t good enoughbut man, the religion in it Find Rare Books Book Value.

I found myself stumb I hope no fan of Milton ever reads this review. It is fewer than pages after all. Lest it seem I hate Milton– I don’t.

But I’m afraid he should have stuck to Old Testament flesh-and-blood stories, rather than writing of heavenly realms.

Das verlorene Paradies by John Milton (2 star ratings)

Instead of the Furies in their revenge-chaos being quelled by the social-cosmic Justice of love, law, and molton as bestowed by Athena, goddess of Wisdom in Aeschylus’ Orestian trilogyevils are to be regulated by self-referential inward looking conscience. If he had permitted himself any poetic devices it would have helped.

We found this book important for the readers who want to know more about our old treasure so we brought it back to the shelves. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In total, it read like a rather bad biblical fanfiction with heavy crossover. Sign In Register Help Cart. Sure, some bits were clever. To ask other readers questions about Das verlorene Paradiesplease sign up. So glad just to have finally finished this, now on to write about it for school At the center of the conflict are Adam and Eve, who are motivated by all too human temptations but whose ultimate downfall is unyielding love.


I may read it and find I enjoy it more.

If it is multi volume set, then it is only single volume. I find no great epiphanies in it, or divine inspiration. Writing in English, Latin, Greek, and Italian, he achieved international renown within his lifetime, and his celebrated Vsrlorene —written in condemnation of pre-publication censorship—is among history’s most influential and impassioned defenses of free speech and freedom of the press.

And geez, everything is Woman’s fault.

Inextricably linked uohn Guilt, as opposed to noble societal Shame. I can’t imagine how paadies could come to this conclusion if they follow the logic Milton’s epic carefully. The themes Milton wrestles with are nothing less than cosmic: It is not a favorite, and unless I have to read it for another class, boy I hope not, this will be my fi I read this in high school and had to reread it for Brit Lit class.

This was the first paradise lost story that I have read and it really started to make me think.