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Stoicism has ratings and 23 reviews. Scriptor Ignotus said: Although today Stoicism is celebrated primarily as an ethical philosophy, John Sellars’s. “Stoicism needs a new work of this kind. Sellars not only takes good account of the last thirty years of research, he also has much of his own to contribute. Peter chats about Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, and Epictetus with John Sellars, an expert on Roman Stoicism and the reception of Stoicism in the.

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If not acted on by any conscious input a given system will follow the strict rules of cause and effect. Your email address will not be published. Contents The Stoic system. I really do think that you should read up on the subject of determinism and free will: No trivia or quizzes yet.

Its doctrines appealed to people from all strata of ancient society-from the slave Epictetus to wellars emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Stoicism by John Sellars

For instance, a cue ball in a game of snooker will stay still until the player decides to hit it with their cue. Instead I found it via a number of different tangential routes. The ideals to be virtuous are quite high, even seemingly unattainable like Socrates, Cato. I have already read William B Irvine’s and Jules Evans book on Stoicism but now they just seem like mere stories of people dealing with various circumstances in their lives. Apr 01, Leo Horovitz rated it really liked it Shelves: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

It also seemed to offer a very intellectual response, and, if anything, I needed a break from thinking! John offers a very good take on what is a Stoic. Antipater says something quite similar, especially about shifting the definition of the goal from an external outcome to an internal action. This is also connected to a conception of nature as completely deterministic and without any room for free will. The rigid naturalism sllars the Stoics made their philosophy highly deterministic, and sellxrs ethical system was largely a method of reconciling a rather flimsy conception of the individual to the unimpedible power of nature.


Each stands on its own terms. Learn how your comment data is processed. Oh, and if you are going to insult a person you could at least come clean and identify yourself rather sellads hide behind some long dead identity.

‘What is a Stoic? Some Historical Reflections’ by John Sellars

It is a matter, not of words, but of facts[…] it moulds and constructs the soul; it orders our life, guides our conduct, shows us what we should do and what we should leave undone’. The selars is broken into chapters that describe the three cornerstones of Stoic philosophy: Perhaps you worship household gods. I also note that you have not understood a word of it for otherwise you would not misrepresent it as you do.

A lekton is that which a swllars means, which is distinct from that to which it refers. Nigel, you really do go from the sublime to the ridiculous when you compare what happens in a game of snooker with what happens in life.

Interview: John Sellars

This is perhaps best demonstrated by one of the more peculiar Stoic teachings: All these different threads developed independently of one another, and all led me back in different ways to Stoicism. Much of my academic work has focused on Stoicism and its later influence. The future of the game is not settled before the game starts but unfolds as the player decides on their next action moment by moment.


This distinction resembles the one made some years later by Gottlob Frege. At that very general level I think it probably has contributed to my overall outlook on things.

To see what your friends thought of joyn book, please sign up. I do note that you have studied my views on Stoicism and modern science in full and so are fully aware of the Cosmology and metaphysics I talk of. Aug 26, Joe rated it really liked it. John Sellars includes historical information on the life and works of the ancient Stoic philosophers and summaries, analyses, and appraisals of their principal doctrines in logic, physics, and ethics.

This was a very interesting book on the history of Stoicism and lists a number of more modern authors from that were influenced by Stoicism or at least mention it in their own writings.

So, stocism that day-to-day level, I do think Stoicism can help, or at least that it helps me. In what ways do you think Stoicism still matters today? This is a brilliant, accesible introduction to one of the most important philosophical sects in the ancient world. Sellats I have heard some people say they find this depressing, I have always found it liberating: This connects to the discussion concerning sentences referring to non-existent entities, active in the early 20th century and something in which Bertrand Russell was engaged.

The process of writing is entirely within my control.