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Picaresque Tradition belongs to Spain and derived from the word “Picaro” which means a rogue or a villain. The Picaresque originally involved. Joseph Andrews as a Picaresque Novel. Topics: Joseph Andrews, Henry Fielding, Don Quixote Pages: 7 ( words) Published: September. Joseph Andrews” can’t be called a regular picaresque novel for Fielding employs elements of this tradition in an exposition of his own theory of the Ridiculous.

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A parson cannot help a man of his own fraternity with some shillings. For example the arrival of Mrs. As the events unfold and the ripple effect of the occurrences spans through we feel that the genre the novel is entering into is somewhat picaresque.

The writer has a chance to present the life, andrewa and morality prevalent in his time, and to satirize the evils. The first thing that strikes us about the society is its extra- picaresqeu callousness, even downright cruelty.

Joseph Andrews: A Picareaque – CSS Forums

Labels Author Biography Bussinees Law. Lady booby’s attempt ioseph seducing Joseph occurs ,closely followed by a parallel scene of Mrs slipslop attempted seduction of Joseph. In the events that follow we also see that he has got more brains than Mr. And sometimes there are certain things which the eader is compelled to assume without any rational reasoning. Malice, selfishness, vanities, hypocrisies, lack of charity, all is ridiculed as human follies.

Sorry, but only registered users have full access. Fielding was considerably influenced by Gil Blass and Don Quixote. The Picaresque originally involved the adventures or rather misadventures of the rogue Heromainly on the highway ,and josfph of a rather extravagant kind. Fielding employs here a very lose plot, for his purpose is the depiction of the society and nocel. You can get this essay on your email Topic: In fact there are marked resemblance between Joseph Andrews and Don Quixote.


There are certain sections where picaresque tradition is not strictly being followed and it seems as if the author is subtly preaching moral values and is hence being didactic. Comic Epic Poem in Prose. Particular social evils prevalent in the day, and follies and foibles uoseph human nature in general are effectively exposed.

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Joseph Andrews as a Picaresque Novel. The comic elements lay in the nature of the hero’s adventures ,through which ,generally society was satirised. Like the Don and Sancho Panza, Parson Adams and Joseph set out on a jlseph which involves them in a series of adventures, some of them burlesque, at several country inns or rural houses. The hero wanders from place to place encountering thieves and joeeph ,rescuing themselves in distressfighting, falling in love, being thrown in prison ,and meeting a vast section of society.

Published inJoseph Andrews is the story of the adventures of a very chaste, good natured footman Joseph and his dear friend and mentor the idealist Parson Adams who is not only an honest man but a man of character upright. The clergymen are shown to have no moral values rather they are indulged in the worldly affairs and are crafty and callous.

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Downloading text is forbidden on this website. To conclude, Joseph Andrews has a rather rambling and discursive narrative andrewd, which makes us to believe that it is a picaresque novel.

Before giving arguments to support whether or not Joseph Andrews is a picaresque novel, it becomes necessary here to first get a clear idea as to what a picaresque novel is and what are the paradigms and parameters that define a particular style of writing as picaresque. He is rather compelled to leave England and go to his beloved due to the circumstances that arose.

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Joseph Andrews as a picaresque novel, picaresque tradition of Joseph Andrews

Or if you need this sample for free, we can send it to you via email. There are no sharp turnings and giving ins to the circumstances at any point in the story for Joseph Andrews and this makes his character a stereotyped one.

He is facing adventures, he is meeting wicked eople, he is also in love with a girl but he never indulges in any ill means or shows any sort of wickedness or rascality in the face of all the hardships that are befalling him. His work shows the realistic approach towards portraying the picture of the contemporary society.