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A Associated Press/ TV Guide poll revealed that 57% of viewers felt that reality TV As such, Neiger and Josman () attribute the reality programs’. Josman, N. (). The dynamic interactional model in schizophrenia. In N. Katz (Ed.), Cognition and occupation across the life span: Models for intervention in. [Josman] Shooting Too Soon [Eng]. Title: Shooting [Josman] A Father-Son Talk [Eng]. Title: A Father-Son [Josman] Uncle Brad’s Cabin [Eng]. Title: Uncle.

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Roberto Gomensoro Josman, the victim of a Uruguayan dictatorial regime. Your best wishes, comments or cusses are read and, for the most part, welcome! The perpetrators are punished for their behavior, still, if you find this offensive, do NOT read jomsan

Victim of a dictatorial regime: identification of Mr. Roberto Gomensoro Josman.

A few words about your host! Gomensoro Josman disappeared after authorities of the Uruguayan dictatorial government arrested him.

Short stories available now! And on a page all his own!


Victim of a dictatorial regime: identification of Mr. Roberto Gomensoro Josman.

Do not use on any website or internet group without permission. I hope you like what you see!! Thanks for dropping by!! What I will NOT post.

Gomensoro who was known to be missing were compared with the skull. Forensic cases are ideal to test osteological techniques developed by 22005 anthropologists. Hope you’re enjoying your visit! Send them to me and I’ll place them here!

All renderings are placed here with permission from the artist.

This novella contains violence and forced sexual acts upon minors. My Erotic Sci-Fi Novella. DNA typing confirmed the results of the earlier identification. If you find a posting or message from Daddy offensive, inappropriate, or disruptive, please ignore it All should contact me via sirdad stny.

This is a collection of poser work consisting of a variety of artists. Many complex techniques are used in an attempt to make a positive identification. Just email me by clicking on my male-box! I have no interest in what websites you visit or what you do in your spare time, unless it’s in my bed!

At this page, are several unsigned works. Others, I have seven or eight of their renders, but likewise, don’t know how to contact them. Click my pictures to go to Daddy’s Bio. Artwork by artists like Etienne, Stephen and more!!


If you find this subject objectionable, I suggest you move on to another page or another site! If they are in error, or if your name appears on a render you did not create, please contact me and let me know.

If you do not wish to have your renders appear at Daddyshere, please let me know. The lists of the artists who create the amazing jodman art and 3D renders and links to their pages! Contact with these render artists! All especially dedicated to the Sox Fetish! Feel free to send me the artist’s name and contact address, if you know it! Four good quality photographs of Mr.